Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Location: Cruising the Ocean/Belize

I'm just having some fun with the sat. connection here, so i thought i'd write a bit in the BN Blog. This isn't going to be a full entry, so expect something as usual this Friday in full blog form. Thanks guys *grin*

Today was spent cruising a set of Mayan ruins just on the outskirts of Belize. Pretty amazing with a school-marm tourguide who could talk your ear off if you gave him the chance. ARGH! All-in-all, it was awesome with some kick-ass pictures taken...

The initial day was spent on a private island, relaxing and basically being a bum while catching some rays. The water & weather were perfect. I did get some snapshots (with me in them) and will be uploading on Thursday evening into my YAHOO GROUP. I'll also write more about the cruise, excursions and trip in the coming Friday entry.

All i can say for now is, i'm going to be doing some serious cardio when i get home. The vast amount of food offered is astounding. Thank God they've got a well-equipped gym and mostly lazy passengers who don't use it much. It's been my 'home away from home' while out at sea *grin*

Until Friday.... Adios,


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