Thursday, August 12, 2004

Location: Chicago... The Windy City.

Is it me or has TIME magazine turned into Blueboy?

Look at this week's cover and tell me something wasn't stirring in gay men's pants nationwide. Phelps has a beautiful body, granted, but i'm not too crazy about his face. He's still in that gawky-stage and has yet to fully 'grow into' his face yet. In any event, he just became a gay icon for Speedo lovers everywhere. lol. Look for other pics of him (better ones) in this month's issue of Vanity Fair with Reese Witherspoon on the cover. Bruce Weber TRULY does this kid justice.

Speaking of Witherspoon: As i was running from one connecting terminal to the next in Memphis today, i just happened to see her getting off a flight and into Memphis. I assume she's there to start work on the new bio-pic, playing June Carter-Cash. She had definitely changed her look, going from the Legally-Blonde we've all seen to a much darker brown. Strange at first and it really changes the way she looks. I didn't want to make a scene so i simply smiled and nodded my head as we passed, then she smiled back and winked. Very cool indeed.

I should have asked her how amazing her hubby Ryan Phillipe was in the sack... Damn. As long as i live, i will never get the image of him shirtless in the movie 54 out of my head. YEOWZA!

Chicago was chilly for this time of year, but it really made the city feel refreshed. Spent some time in Boystown for dinner, walked aorund a bit and then retired to the Omni. I mentioned to the person i was seeing that the Omni holds some good memories for me, as it was one of the first locations i had professional photos taken. I remember moving all of the furniture out into the hallway and setting up large scrolls for the background. lol. It was a really fun time and something i'll associate the Omni with forever. I'm not sure if we ever did put the room back to the way it was... I bet the cleaning staff loved that one. Argh.

Tomorrow morning i will be in the air with Philly as my destination. The Weather Channel purports stormy weather this weekend, so methinks a movie or other indoor activities will be in order. I'm still hankering for a cheesesteak btw. If Chicago has their dipped beef sandwiches, then i want to experience what's so super about Philly's namesake food. It might not be of Fodor-esque proportions, but hell if it doesn't sound tasty ;)

Another free WHACKOFF SITE OF THE WEEK, brought to you by a site-sleuth in San Fransisco: Yea, so this site may sound a little silly, but enter through the english links and you'll find a great resource for a variety of free pics. Consider it a foreign version of one of my other favorite sites, Lots of well-hung Brazillian boys on this site and some other images i've seen in rotation on other sites, but tittilating none-the-less. Enjoy this site to the extreme boys, but do make sure not to get too much lube on your keyboard... *grin*

The psuedo-escort i talked about last entry now might even have an image! Low & behold, this kiddo is not only a smartie, but he's got the European looks to back it up as well.

A prize goes out to whoever can identify where this pic came from or where this beautiful boy has worked before. Consider the image is a smidge older than i'd like, so expect some pro-shots to hit the net very very soon...

Sorry to cut this short, but washing clothes and packing seem to be calling my name. I plan on a new entry this coming Monday, so stay tuned.


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