Saturday, September 25, 2004

Location: On the Road Again... Memphis via London.

It's amazing who reads this blog sometimes. One minute you're a niche of a niche in popularity context and the next you're being seen by thousands. Such was the case earlier today when i was told by a yahoo group member that my blog had been front-page fodder at, a media-gossip site with a very strong following. Think of it as's little brother. EEK!

My jaw dropped. Feelings of fear and excitement began to trickle through me. While i have dished in the past about some pretty serious celebs, i never imagined my writings would be posted for greater readership. Granted, i've never named names, but will this effect my future writings in this blog?

... Probably not. It wouldn't be as much fun if i didn't remain true to the formula. This is what people enjoy. This is what i enjoy putting out there. Nothing's going to change and expect even more Hollywood 'whodunits' in near future postings. While i don't plan on trumping 'Page Six,' i will throw my two-cents in there for entertainment purposes.

London was smashing as usual, even if for only an overnight, and now it's off to Memphis for some down-home pulled pork BBQ and gambling action in Tunica. Sounds like a nice way to spend the weekend to me. I'm trying to refine my blackjack game anyway. lol. I want to feel like James Bond at the tables.

Another big thanks to for shipping out some fine new underwear. If you haven't seen some of their new line, go check out the website for some pretty hot styles. I've also been told that a whole new line of underwear & tanks are on their way. WHOOHOO! For a shot of Benjamin in his favorite AussieBums, click HERE.

Random gratuitious pic of a hot guy in 3...2...1...

Next week i'm headed to Italy for more than a week and am looking foward to seeing some new sights: Venice, Florence, Bellagio, Lake Como and Tuscany. I plan on taking loads of images and will definitely post them up ASAP. Since i've never been to Italy before, this is sure to be a really fun trip and if there is anyone out there who can suggest some interesting things to see, feel free to shoot over an email. Thanks guys :)

Well, just when i thought i had found a newbie escort who's got the right stuff, he decides to move away to Dallas. Whether he's planning on being a working boy or not in Dallas remains to be seen, but Myke Nichols seems to be taking his life in a new direction. Here's wishing him the very best in Big D, as he's a real sweetheart and someone i hold close.

A little tidbit of gossip that crossed my desk earlier: It seems that these young Hollywood brothers have a penchant for playing doubles with working boys from across the country. While they play together in the bedroom, they always have their manager set things up with a polite phonecall and a waiting private jet into a very private condo in Beverly Hills. Neither of these two guys are what you'd call 'heavy-hitters' in the movie circuit, but they're definitely up & comers in various Wes Anderson projects. You could almost say that one brother is ahead of the other... By a nose.

I also got a tip from a friend/producer about the recent Brittany Spears wedding. It was about as real as Anna Nicole Smith saying she's never had lipo. LIES, ALL LIES! How would this tell-tale producer know so much? Well, for starters, he helped PRODUCE this spectacle that even People Magazine fell for. Faked wedding photos, invitations, costuming, etc. They even hired fake paparizzi to blend in with the real guys to make things seem more frantic. Why did Brit go so far to fake out her fans? Let's just say she's got something much bigger up her sleve when it comes to her plans with Kevin Federline, her fiance... or is that finance?

From gossip to groping, let's segway into this week's free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK: WHOOHOO! They took my one of my favorite freesites (DOC) and expanded it to include some hottie str8 guys getting naked. Could life be any better? There are no pop-ups found on this site and the content is hot, plentiful and packed. I'm always a sucker for shirtless jocks with huge cocks... *grin*

Yet another shameless image of a random hot guy...

Something about a dude in flip-flops that REALLY turns me on. Added, i've always been a fan of shirtless guys in jeans. Friggin' hot.

It's getting late and i'm getting sleepy. That's all for now, but thanks as always for tuning in and keeping put. If you've got suggestions or comments for this blog, let me know and shoot me over an E at this addy...


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