Sunday, November 14, 2004

Location: Viva Las Vegas Baby, YEA!

What in tarnation is that pic of above you may ask yourself? Well, it's a stageshot of Cirque's newest show on the strip, Zumanity, hosted by the NY-NY Casino. While it won't be considered Cirque's latest show for long (KA, their new show at MGM, opens later this month), it is IMO one of their most fun and daring spectacles in Sin City. Definitely a mood-setter for any evening that might include a little bedroom romp-on-the-wild-side...

Loyal Benjamin-Blogites know that Vegas is pretty regular stomping ground for me, so my assumptions in heading over for this weekend were pretty subdued and relaxed. Little did i know the person i was meeting would whisk me away to The Venetian (a property i've never stayed at) to stay at the tip-top of their hotel tower. Was it awesome? You bet. While i'm usually a Bellagio type of guy, The Venetian bowled me over with their attention to detail and the sheer size of their suites. Not only furnished nicely, the room had no less than 5 televisions and a shower you could quite literally fit 3 king-sized mattresses in. I'm a sucker for nice bathrooms, so this was definitely a treat, as the bathroom had a very large Jazuzzi with mirrored walls surrounding it. Nice touch.

I forgot to take any pics of this room, but did find this nifty floorplan from a Vegas website:

The name of this suite was their Prima Suite in the Venezia Tower. All-in-all, i'd say that if i found myself in Vegas on vacation, i may be severely tempted to pony up the dollars and stay in this amazing room.

Other than grandiose rooms and erotic shows, Vegas was smashing as always and a nice way to spend the weekend. Bellagio's new eatery, FIX, is outstanding, as is CraftSteak at MGM. Both pair stellar service with really fresh and varied food. Highly recommended.

So, i got this email from a friend who brought up a really good point concerning this blog: Is it getting a bit too 'formula' and therefore losing some of it's charm? I say yes. I went back and read through some of my older posts and found them to be not only more entertaining, but more personable without totally resorting to reading like a gay Penthouse Forum. I think i'm going to change things up a little in the future, not concentrate so much on the 'same ol, same ol' and really try to diversify.

Suddenly this is starting to sound like a job interview... Any more use of catch-words and i'm going to be put into a managment training course. Argh.

In any event, the email was a much needed eye-opener and a big thanks to that super guy. You KNOW who you are ;) lol.

Last blog i mentioned getting hoards of responses from guys letting me know who their favorites were, along with their worst escort experiences. It's been interesting to say the least to read through these email and see the inner-workings of how others handle their escorting careers. While there's a sick, twisted side of me that would love to list the escorts who have dissapointed (and you'd be VERY surprised at who... guys with AMAZING reviews), i'd rather not scratch too hard on my fellow escorts who, on the majority, seem to be working hard at what they do. It wouldn't be fair.

What i will do is list (in no particular order) the most popular & most despised names i recieved in one big list. It's up to you to figure out who's the real deal.

Jason Markus, NYC
Bobby Thompson, LA
Mike Grey, NYC
Rick Munroe, NYC
Anthony Holloway, LA
Tommy Tam, Austin
Small Town John, Atlanta
Michael Brandon, SFO
Jason Carter, Dallas
Steven Kessler, SFO/Portland
Kristian, LA/Houston
Josh Weston
Billy Brandt, LA
VegasBoy Dave, Vegas
Stef LaCoste, Paris
Omar, Phoenix
Rob Gregor, Chicago
Aaron Lawrence, NYC
Adrian & Blake, Orlando
Athan Fey, Houston/LA
David Gartner, LA

The most common complaint i heard about the 'non-recommended' escorts regarded their inability to perform or guys who simply misrepresented themselves. While there were MANY more escorts listed, these were the guys who consistantly made the cut, for better and for worse.

Now, as promised from blogs ago, here are my personal favorites in the world of escorting. Not that it means anything special, but if you or your favorite isn't included here, don't take it personal. The world of escorting is an unusually small world, especially among the 'inner circle' of escorts who often times see the same group of guys repeatedly, so we're pretty familiar with eachother's reputations, etc. These guys listed here are not only guys i'd like to jump in the sack with, but also guys i respect for the quality they bring to the table.

Again, in no partiaular order:

Athan Fey, LA/Houston: Athan, now retired, was reportedly an amazing escort and from the images he put across, also one cute guy. I'm also thinking that our common Texas-bond has something to do with my attraction to him :)

Bobby Brennan: This guys is friggin' hot, plain and simple. He's also doing porn. I think i first saw pic of Bobby on an amatuer site and then realized he was a working boy as well. Maybe someday there will be hope of a threeway with myself and Bobby included... Only time, and a great deal of finger-crossing, will tell. lol.

Bobby Thompson, LA: What is it about 'Bobbys?' Otherwise known as 'DOD'... Dick of Death. Bobby's a GREAT kid and one of the best guys in this industry IMO. Yes, his cock is massive and yes, i have experienced it first-hand with great pleasure. Being versatile can be fun :) Aside from physicality, Bobby is an intellect and a very accomplished musician. In whatever he chooses to do, in and out of the adult world, he'll excell and do quite well. That's just who he is.

Cody#2, NYC: A pretty-boy to the T. While i haven't yet met this guy, i've heard good things about him from close friends and always have admired his posted images online. What can i say? I'm a sucker for a good photo and a hot model.

Jason Carter, Dallas: A fellow Texas-scort and truly nice guy. He retired for a bit, but he's back now and doing his thing in Big D.

Jason Rylee: Exotic looks and a hot bod. Who could ask for anything more? Too bad he's retired, but a guy can dream and jackoff to a mental image, right? lol

Kristian, LA/Houston: Another former Texas-scort and a guy who's made a great name for himself in this industry. Aside from his sexual longcomings (ie, a 10" cock), he's also got a beautiful voice and talent to boot. I see great things from Kristian in the future.

David Andreyes, San Antonio: (click for website) I've had more than my fair share of AMAZINGLY hot times with this SA-based escort. He's one of my favorite guys in the world and treats his job as anything but work... A truly gifted young guy and an awesome escort.

Adrian, Orlando: ... I'll finally have the chance to meet with this Florida escort in the coming couple of months. I've heard good things and have always kept my eye on him throughout being in this industry. Added, he's hot :)

VegasBoy Dave, Vegas: Now retired, this guy isn't just a friend to me, but he's also the cat's pajamas too. Honest, caring, respectful and a true listener, Davey is still someone i hold close. In the bedroom department, i'd definitely call him a 10. *evil grin*

Stef Lacoste, Paris: HOT, HOT, HOT is all i can say about Stef. He's got a killer body, nice package, a hefty appetite for sex and is a very adept conversationalist. I had the chance to make some Vegas memories with him (and VegasBoy Dave) awhile ago and it was quite an afternoon (and evening) of fun.

Tristan Waters, Orlando: Never met him, but have heard so many good things that it's inevitable we'll be in the same place at the same time someday.

SmallTownJohn, Atlanta: People have said that John has one of the thickest schlongs around. I'd like to be the judge of that for myself. lol. Seriously though, he's got a great reputation and reviews. An all-around winner in my book and someone i definitely find A+ in this business.

Well, that's all folks... Those are my picks in the escort world and the guys who i think are at the tip-top of their game. An interesting bunch i'd say :)

I'm refraining from a typical free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK site this week and instead suggesting a site i'm currently being featured on: Think of it as the for those living 'down under.' A great site to browse with some truly pertinent info. Look for the usual free site of the week in my next blog, but also look for other recommended sites i frequent and truly enjoy.

THIS JUST IN: An anynomous emailer sent this celeb tidbit at the last minute... It looks like a 'Friends' spinoff star is inadvertently making his private life a bit more public with his hiring of MALE callboys to his Hollywood Hills home. This situation went so public lately that his publicist had to issue a formal statement that his client 'does not, nor ever did take part in the services of a male hustler.' Whether this blast of blab is true remains to be seen, as Benjamin hasn't seen this with his own two baby-blues, but if anyone out there can confirm this rancid rambling, feel free to shoot me something and let me know: I'm Listening.

ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD: I guess that being a hot castmember of Queer As Folk really doesn't get you laid in LA. A main castmember on QAF was recently spotted in a Boston gay club with a well-known escort, canoodling in the VIP area for most of the evening. The escort, when asked by Benjamin what the nature of this relationship was, replied 'Business only... Nothing more.' How interesting indeed. While this actor may be 'out' sexually, it might crush his fanbase to know that this muscle-boy does more hiring & firing than The Donald...

Looks like it's out to Chitown after Vegas and then a little time well-spent in Memphis. From there it's Thanksgiving here in SA and then directly out to Cabo for some sun. I'll let everyone know if i have any freetime anywhere i happen to land. For now, it looks like another month or more of constant travel and cooler temperatures. WHOOHOO!

... and now, it's time to wash some clothes. My very favorite pastime as some of you may or may not remember. *grin* Strange indeed.

Oh yea, one more thing, about my new haircut... Two words: FULL MOHAWK.

New images are in the works of course ;)


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