Monday, January 10, 2005

WHEW! What a long week in Las Vegas...

Now i'm headed to Chicago to chill back out from the hot week in Sin City!

Okay, so i had promised a full report about HustlaBall 2005, but the problem remains that i don't have any images to back things up. I hope to have my pics ready in the coming few days and then will post a non-stop, in-your-face report from the frontlines of HB 2005 at Krave. I appreciate your patience. As for me, i want those damned pictures. lol.

Since the event, many on the web have said how much of a bust the night was. While there were delays, long lines to get in and various tech glitches, it wasn't a terrible issue and the show went on as planned. While i spent most of the night backstage (getting ALL the good gossip) and in the VIP area, in general the crowds seemed to really be having a goodtime. I suppose that people wouldn't be interested in how it went if everything went off without a hitch. Eh.

Let it be known that Las Vegas/New Orleans-based escort Brandon Baker kept things flowing smoothly during the entire event and served perfectly as the escort-to-porn-to-VIP liasion. Another big round of thanks also goes to Tom Wiese for inviting me to this event, keeping things looking great and generally throwing the biggest gay event in Las Vegas this year.

Aside from the HB events, my time in Vegas was fun and well-spent. I started the week working with another escort for an evening (Kyle of Los Angeles/Vegas) and that turned out rather well. Kyle was not only quite a bright young guy, but definitely someone i'd like to bump into again. He's also a really talented photographer, so if any of you fellow escorts out there are looking for some hot new images, give this guy a shot. Oh yeah, and as a top, he gives one helluva ride... It was like an aerobics class without the spandex. I think i lost water weight that night.

My partner-in-crime throughout Vegas was Dave, a really cool cat who's not only easy on the eyes, but is also a very well-to-do photographer. Look for some of his work soon on my yahoo groups site, along with uploads here on the blog. This was his first experience with the 'adult industry' and watching him soak it all up was fun. The kid's definitely not shy when it comes to asking for pictures with people and i imagine he got some pretty memorable shapshots with the various sex workers & porn stars he encountered. With a face like his (... and his unbelievably beautiful eyes) it's no wonder people always said 'yes' to him. lol.

HooBoy, TotallyOz (from the M4M MC) and Atlanta-based escort Brett Andrews were also in attendance during my Sin City stay. Got a chance to sit down and do dinner with all of them and enjoyed every second of playing catchup. A GREAT bunch of guys and honestly, i wish i could have spent more time hanging with them. A comfortable match of personalities indeed.

I also bumped into Brett & Oz again that night at Zumanity in NYNY. I've seen this show several times, but it's always been entertaining and a very beautiful show. As Joey Arias (the host) says in his opening monologue, 'Sex is Beautiful.' I would agree wholeheartedly. The cast was on-fire that night thanks to the zany antics of fellow audience member Anna-Nicole Smith, who was brought up onstage for the 'Lazy-Susan-SexOrgy' finale.

Did she have a good time you ask? She practically had to be carried off the stage...

Also stopped in and caught the new performers in Frank Marino's 'La Cage' at the Riviera. Marino has always been one of the most gracious and nice performers i've met in Vegas. He was also in attendance at HustlaBall later that week. The show was fast-paced, funny, touching and fantastic. I especially liked the new additions of Brittany Spears & Jennifer Lopez. The impersonations are dead-on and Frank's humor kept the showroom laughing. I also liked the fact that probably 80% of the room were straight couples who seemed to be having a really good time. Not laughing AT the performers, but laughing WITH them. A good crowd.

Big thanks to former-escort Bobby Lane for making me feel welcome in Vegas and for carting my carless ass around. YOU ROCK! ... and if you're reading this, email me to discuss a Diana Ross-esque comeback. Ain't no mountain high enough y'know ;)

Let's transition into something else: Since this blog is over a year old, i figured i'd add my own spin to the yearly awards scheme and name my own 'Top of the Crop' list. Weeks ago i asked for suggestions and nominations. You responded. I appreciate it and had quite a bit of email to sift through, names to know, faces to place and reviews to read. It was actually pretty fun, if not a bit educational.

Take these highly non-regarded awards as seriously or as jokingly as you wish. Remember, i'm only writing this thing for entertainment purposes. If you're looking for the NO truth and nothing but old dish, go read Page Six.

... and the winners are: *drumroll please*

Top 5 Escorts of the Year:

Michael Brandon
Kristian (LA)/Bobby Thompson (tie)
Josh Weston/Tristan Waters (tie)
Steven Draker
Talvin DeMachio

Top 5 to Watch (up & comers):

Ryan #2 (Phoenix)
David Andreyes (San Antonio)
Brett Andrews (Atlanta)
Vincent Michael (San Antonio)
Tommy DeLuca (NYC)

Miss(ter) Congeniality:

Brandon Baker/Rick Munroe (tie)

Top Duo:

Adrian & Blake (Orlando)

Your '15 Minutes' is up Award (co-winners):

David Forest (Yes, he's not an escort, but with his 'introduction services' and fees attached, it's about time this ass-backwards scheme is laid to rest)

Anthony Holloway

Best Brothel:

VillaGianni (London's Earls Court)

Agency of the Year:

Premier Escorts (Philly)

The Comeback-Kid Award:

Athan in LA/Bruno Gaucho (tie)

Top Escort(personal) Website:

Michael Brandon

If any of the above mentioned escorts had functioning webpages, i made sure to link them with the name. Congrats to those winners! Those who are bitter about not being mentioned, please don't kill the messenger: The results only represent the emails recieved.

To round out the week, let's begin with a little EYE CANDY and then segway into what i'm browsing through in the world of free porn...

A rather muscular and young collection of manmeat, but it what tickled my fancy this week. As for other sites of interest, if you haven't checked out anytime soon, i suggest heading over and oogling their collection of very free pics. I had the pleasure of meeting with the site creator at Cybersocket's award party at Gypsy and he was a really great guy. From the sounds of things, is really picking up steam and we'll be seeing not only more updates in the future, but whole new sites to add to the family as well. What can i say? I'm hooked!

Move over AussieBums... The new-kid-on-the-block for undergear fashion has arrived and Benjamin is enamoured with these new briefs: I'm definitely digging their designs that go really retro, yet remain pretty masculine. My order is on the way and images will most certainly follow. In the meantime, check out their HOT website. Another hot site for underwear enthusiasts is, but ordering is a whole other story. They've been on backorder for months i'm told. What good are tight, hot briefs if they aren't stretched perfectly around my muscular ass? *grin* I didn't think so either...

Time to get packing (again) and get some sleep, but stay tuned for an earlier-than-usual blog posting and loads of HustlaBall backstage gossip when i get my images online. As always, keep those eyes around and stay tuned for more than just your normal '15 Minutes.'

One more thing: Got something to say? An idea? An erotic thought? A word that rhymes with 'Orange' perhaps? I'm Listening.


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