Monday, January 19, 2004

Location: London

BRRRR! Damn it's cold here in the UK, but shiver-me-timbers, it's not raining or snowing, so i can't complain too much. The flight into Gatwick was superfast, giving me a chance to see a decent Diane Lane flick that i didn't catch in the theatres. Always a good thing.

This trip is mainly about musicals, ie, seeing as many as possible until i head back into the states. Tonight we saw 'Joseph...,' which was relatively surreal considering my history with that show. The cast was young, but good. Sets were top-notch and lighting was superb. Smallish theatre (New London), but it was nice to see something else in that theatre other than CATS, which had been playing there for the better part of a century ;)

CATS makes me ill. I'm not joking.

Tomorrow will probably be 'Thouroughly Modern Millie' and 'Jerry Springer: The Opera.' Nighttime activity will undoubtedly be Heaven & maybe a trip to either VillaGianni or Chariots I, II or III :) *evil grin*

My wish for 2004: The US plays catchup with the UK in having better public transport. The Tube is head & shoulders above anything i've ever dealt with (with the possible exception of the new transit system in DC) and is supremely easier to navigate than most.

On the downside: The dollar is getting its ass kicked over here with some exchange rates as high as $1.94. OUCH! Heading to Harrods on Sunday might not be so cool if this trend continues... lol.

And one more thing~ Unlike some over here, i admit to having sex with my manservant ;)

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