Tuesday, March 09, 2004


Location: Toronto

My first time in Toronto, getting to see the Falls in Buffalo and
exploring Canadian culture at its finest. A wonderful country from what I
was able to see with truly warm & friendly people. I had a chance to
explore everything from art galleries to local theatre to Toronto's gay
village (home of QAF exterior filming). It was all overwhelmingly
laid-back and definitely a place I could consider living... that is, if
they granted me citizenship *wink*

Caught the Canadian company of The Producers. Fantastic cast. Hairspray
is prepping to open a permanent show there as well in the coming month, so
the town is really brimming with good musicals. Also had a chance to
explore Toronto's main art museum... A decent permanent collection, but
many shows weren't open yet, so it felt a bit static. Artistic highlights
while in Tornoto included seeing some primo Dale Chihuily glass sculpture
and gawking over the SKYROCKETING cost of his work.

You're paying another 300% just for the name i'm guessing :)

As for me personally, i'm exhausted. Not burned out, but just in real
need of some downtime to physically settle down. A combination of family,
relationship, traveling and other things are just wearing me out. I've
got a little holiday approaching and will be taking the time to STAY PUT
and focus on things in my life that i've been otherwise ignoring.
Escorting can really strain a relationship. I've experienced this
first-hand and i'm beginning to realize that being selfish can only last
for so long. I absolutely love being in this industry, but know that
ultimately it will kill my current relationship if I remain an escort for
another year.

It is and it isn't a tough choice to make. I want to make him happy
because I know i've been making ME happy for far too long. Ultimately,
making him happy will make me happy...

Life's confusing sometimes.

... and now, it's off to LA for the weekend. *drumroll please*



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