Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Location: LA/San Antonio

You know something... After reading through some of my most recent journal entries, it's become crystal-clear that they've become somewhat depressing. Not cool. Since i'm not offering a free Prozac with every reading of this thing, let me make a commitment right now to cleaning up my act and not being such a downer.

*holds up right hand* I do solemnly swear.

My travel schedule has been pretty busy lately, but since the weather here in San Antonio is so shitty (aka, rainy), it's sort of nice to get out of here into the sunny warmth of LA. I just found out that i'll be spending some time in Venezuela next month. HOW COOL! Caracas to be exact and i'm definitely looking foward to experiencing the city & culture. I've always loved S. America...

Ah, before i forget. My current favorite FREE porn site of the week:


Amazing collection of amatuer pics, surfer boys and porn people. This is no shill here. I'm simply passing along this awesome site, made even better by the fact it's FREE! Goodtimes.

On a more serious note: Awhile back in my YAHOO GROUPS board (click here), i found that an escort listing site was allowing bogus reviews to be posted without verification. Close friends of mine who escort are also, again, having issues with this site. I emailed their webmaster on several occasions, all without response. VERY unprofessional. It seems that this site takes solace in knowing that they'd rather have a fake review and not the respect of their customers & escorts featured. Eventually, i simply took my listing down, which in hindsight is what i think they wanted all along.

I recently got some additional info about this site which seems to make things a bit more clear. The site is run by the sugardaddy of an escort who's been known to be overly competitive. Methinks the site is being used for his own PR purposes, but who knows. All i can say is that this escort's pic is splashed on the frontpage on a daily basis, also featuring the guys of his 'production company.'

Eh *shrugs* Injustice is everywhere, but i thought i'd share this particular one with everybody.

In the longrun, it just makes me realize that HooBoy (Male4Malescorts) and his cause in the escorting industry is a very important things. He not only verifies his reviews, but also takes the time to pump out a quality product that is enjoyed by many. Put in a more sappy way: He cares, not only about his customers & reviewers, but escorts as well. Support HB and his site, as it's one of the only review sites out there that is constantly offering new content and exciting reads.

*stepping down from soapbox now*

Talk with you guys later. It's gymtime :)


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