Monday, March 22, 2004

Location: Indianapolis

The beauty of the midwest is something i really miss... That is, the beauty of the boys you see walking through the city in a place like Indy. WHOOO! Talk about corn-fed, soccerjock, whitebread cutie-pies. My first time into a mall in ages and the place was crawling with them.

It looked like an Abercrombie & Fitch quarterly come to life.


Aside from dirty thoughts while in Indy, the local culture was quite nice with their main art gallery having a pretty nice collection of rococo pieces. Anyone who's heard my spiel on art knows that i'm very much a contemporary kinda guy (click this for example). The Indy Museum of Art is currently undergoing a HUGE rennovation and expansion set for debut in 2005. For lack of a humorous, witty remark, let's just say it's going to be massive. Here's hoping they expand their African art selection along with some sorts of Warhol/Liechenstien/Haring pieces.

Changing subjects: Let me give a shoutout to my man HooBoy of Male4Malescort Reviews. He's currently working his ass off to bring great product to those who keep getting it free-of-charge. Complaints far aside, M4M is the prodigal Gandolf of escort review sites and only getting better with age. Design, features and readership have all gone up in quality in the past years making it one of the top 10% websites in the entire world wide web. Impressive, eh? Give em' hell Hoo...

My free-porn-site-of-the-moment mention this week goes to . It's chock full of hotties and very few pop-ups. I've been enjoying this site for quite some time and wanted to share with everyone. It's updated everynight and the content is everything from BelAmi to fisting flicks. Variety is good. On other porn fronts, let me give a huge THANKS to the creator of for sending an appreciated 'thanks' email for the mention last week. He's a cool dude who's definitely got Benjamin's seal of approval. Thanks guy.

This coming weekend takes me to the sunny beaches of Florida where i will breakout my new speedos for Summer 2004. It's almost as exciting as Christmas for me, as swimwear (much like underwear) always get me going in the rightest of ways. Next journal i'll also make sure to expound on my joys of discovering cock rings.

Does that make me kinky?

Time for abs class. I'm outta here, but again thankful for everyone reading. Stay safe guys.


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