Friday, April 02, 2004

Location: Cruising the Mexican Riviera/Cozumel

Another Friday... Another entry. I am currently ship-bound for the coming 6 days or so, thus email and communication might be tough for those wondering about unanswered emails or calls. Please accept my apologies and when i'm back, i'll make sure to get in touch ASAP.

Got a cool little email today: Fellow escort & pornoboy-wonder Brandon Baker asked for an interview for a focus feature on yours truly. Goodtimes! In the near future, look out for it on VidKidTimo's site, and on Brandon's personal site, Whether or not it's something groundbreaking remains to be seen, but in any event, it was fun to share some stories and chatchat with Brandon. He's a really good guy...

Changing gears: I do promise to get some new shots of myself, speedos and all from this current trip to the beaches of Mexico. I'll shove my dig cam in the hands of a gay-looking tourist if i have to just to get some self-shots *grin* In the event that webaccess is easily available on the ship, i'll upload the pics nightly onto my Yahoo Groups site.

So, i mentioned before that i'm headed to LA. I've got my dates: 4/15-18. I'm shacking up with Bobby Thompson and we're out to paint the town red... or at least various shades of mulberry. I'm still not quite sure what my escorting plans will be, but if anyone's interested, just shoot me an E ( with 'LA Trip' in the subject line and i'll let you know whats cooking. At the very least, i'm hoping to make an appearance at one of LA's infamous 'Hooville Gatherings' at Numbers...


... And without further ado, here is this week's link to the best FREE porno site: I could spend hours at this site if i had the time to spare. It can be halarious, hot, disgusting and downright raunchy at times, but this new breed of 'voting site' has collected some AWESOME amateur man-meat. Enjoy guys :)

Question for anyone out there listening: Ever been to the Blue Moon Resort (gay) that recently opened in Las Vegas? Your thoughts? Was it hot in more ways than one or just a semi-erect experience? Email me and lemme know...

Be safe fellas. It's time to work on my tanlines. *grin*


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