Friday, April 09, 2004

Location: Home Sweet Home, San Antonio TX

Wow. What a week. Would it be wrong of me to say that i need a vacation from my vacation? *grin*

For that, i certainly deserve a slap on the ass, as Mexico was awesome. The shore excursions were perfect with the old addage of cruise ship food being plentiful oh-so-true. Now, i'm popping TrimSpa faster than weight-loss guru Anna Nicole Smith to get back to feeling my svelt-self. In reality, i didn't gain a pound, but the sheer portions of food they shovel at you is mind-boggling: The plates were more like plateaus.

I was determined to conquer this, so i had gymtime twice a day. Aside from fitness, shiptime gave me a good chance to work on some tanlines, stare longingly at the MANY straight guys on the ship who constantly walked around shirtless and looked somewhat like this. Most were way too young to be considered game, but there were definitely a few who really got into 'showing off.'

Unfortunately, i think the only real gay guys on the ship were in the entertainment department (aka, the shows) and from the looks of things they'd all be total bottoms. A versatile boy is a happy boy *grin*

All-in-all, goodtimes were had by all and i'd go again in a heartbeat.

In other news:

I'm headed to LA next week, shacking up with resident boy-stud Bobby Thompson and will prowl through LA, rolling it various shades of red. If anyone happens to see the two of us on the streets or otherwise, stop by and say hey. It's always nice to shake a hand... or more. *wink*

The interview i mentioned in last week's blog is now online and can be found here . It's the short interview that Brandon Baker is starting with escorts worldwide about the industry and how they feel about things. It turned out very well and i'm most appreciative of Brandon's warmth when communicating. He's definitely a class-act who knows how to have fun.

My FREE SITE OF THE WEEK honors goes to the tireless guys at . For well over 10 years, the CruiseMaster has been dishing up some seriously kick-ass pics, hookups, info and naughty fun. I would say that 90% of the site is free, with some links going to paid advertisers. Look here if you're a fan of pornoboy newcomer Brent Everett. Everett's made waves in the industry by going bareback on numerous occasions and is quickly making a name for himself as one versatile and HOT young guy. Sexual practices aside, Brent is one pretty boy with a schlong that could topple just about anyone into submission. Scan for some of Brent's newest video work, shot by the illustrious CruiseMaster himself.

On a completely unrelated and rather boring note, i've just joined AAA. No, i'm not a recovering alcoholic, but have been wanting some roadside assistance outside of the always loved 'road-head.' For those unfamiliar with the term 'road-head,' please consult your nearest car dealership.

I'm sure they'll NOT offer that as an option on your next purchase *grin*


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