Sunday, April 18, 2004

Location: LA's History/London as i type...

I've made it through LA and have seen the light. Thanks to the gracious hotel, otherwise known as Bobby Thompson Central, i spent a short time in the City of Angels and came out unscathed, having met some pretty cool people. Thanks again Mr. Thompson for introducing me to your crowd: You surely hang out with a great bunch of people...

Now, for my REAL thoughts on LA (Bobby & Co completely aside)... Click here to find out what i wrote down on the airplane ride from EWR-LGW. For those of you totally out of the travelspeak, that's flying from Newark out to London Gatwick (it's a GREAT site for those frequent flyers out there, so check it out).

LA simply hit me as a very plastic place to live. Botox at 30? Bullshit. Buying 15 pairs of shoes because you need every color imaginable? You are the weakest link... Goodbye. I had more fun watching the zany cast of characters who reside in the city (paging Angelyne) than anything. As so often said, it's a nice place to visit, but i'd be homicidal if i lived there. *grin*

A very high point of my trip was getting the chance to meet & greet at the Hooville Gathering of MC'ers who post on Male4Malescorts. A diverse group who were more than warm and all very, very good guys. Held at Numbers in WeHo, it was nice to be able to finally match faces with screenames and look everyone directly in the eye (among other bodyparts). Hopefully i'll get to attend one of these dinners again in the near future and spend more time talking with what i percieved to be some very amazing gentlemen. If there are any others working boys reading this, i highly recommend attending one near your city soon...

Currently, i am spending the week in London and then it's probably out to Amsterdam to meet with a good chum. Chicago follows and then it's time for SoBe to warm up on the beaches of Miami. May will also bring Palm Springs, Denver, Las Vegas, Santa Fe and New Orleans. Is it any wonder than there are Continental flight crews out there who know me on a first-name basis? *grin* With a little luck (and some old-fashioned hard work), i'll be flying the friendly skies myself soon, hopefully digging into a pilot's license program before the summer is out.

... That's CAPTAIN Benjamin to you. From now on, the lavatories are only for the EXCLUSIVE use of mile-high members thank-you-very-much. *evil grin*

Okay, as always, here's this week's FREE WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK site:
Friends of mine have introduced me to this site and WOWZER, it's loads (and loads) of fun. The collection on this site is pretty incredible and don't be surprised if you find a favorite escort's pic on this web addy. I've seen a few fellow 'scorts on this site in some pretty hot pics. Enjoy guys and as always, feel free to shoot out an E and let me know if you've got a suggestion for a hot-new site of the week.

Okay kiddos, it's sleepytime and my 'clock' is all flip-flopped. I need to get myself back to UK time pronto. I've got an abs class tomorrow in Earl's Court with my name written all over it. ARGH.

Sweet Dreams Guys.


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