Sunday, May 02, 2004

Location: Flying home from a weekend in Chicago...

First & foremost, sorry guys for not posting on Friday as usual. It's been a whirlwind weekend and i am just not getting caught up on E's and such. Chicago was a chilly blast of fun, but didn't leave me much time to find a machine and get online. Added, the B&B i was at was what 'tech-less,' so it probably would have been an uphill battle anyway. Eh.

Although it was a quick trip to the Windy City (and my hometown i might add), it was filled with awesome times. Friday night was the prodigal trip to Steamworks. Saturday brought some culture at the Museum of Science & Industry (... I was vetoed on going to the Art Institute), while Saturday night was spent at the Shubert seeing the current tour of RENT. That night was pretty casual, as the flight out of O'Hare was earlyish this AM. The city felt great, the food always familiar and Wrigley Field was looking amazing. In the words of a Gershwin (or two), 'Who could ask for anything more...'

Now, don't think i mentioned Steamworks without sneaking my cam into the place. My bags were checked when entering, but thankfully nothing was deemed 'off limits.' As for a sling fantasy i mentioned a couple of weeks ago in Brandon Baker's interview... it happened. Quite fun. That pic was from the 'Dungeon Room' i was in and damn if it wasn't detailed down to the last chain.

For those of you who need a better mental image of things, just wrap your sick minds around this.

The room was pretty large with optional locking windows, which can be opened to 'get a bit more friendly' with your neighboring rooms. TV in-room included 30 channels of DVD-quality porno and an interesting way to cruise from the comfort of the bed: Closed-circuit cameras. You can literally flip through the different cameras and see who's coming into the club, at the lockers, working out, etc. It's a simple, but very effective idea. The crowd was mixed, with the main population being muscleboys. Needless to say, it was packed by about 1am and a goodtime was had by all. I highly recommend this joint.

Rent @ The Shubert was a blast. I hadn't seen the show in awhile and knew that the current tour was non-equity (aka, not sanctioned by Equity standards), so i was curious to see how good the cast was holding up with the music. It turned out to be a really strong ensemble and a great show. I forgot how much the younger generation latched onto this show, so most of the Chicago audience was of the Brittany Spears age, screaming and whooping it up during the performance. However annoying it could have been, it made me smile to see so many teenagers take an active interest in the theatre. Very cool indeed.

Interesting sidenote: Pornpup pinup Matthew Rush is currently in Chicago doing the play (... and i use that term VERY sparingly in refference) 'Making Porn.' Fresh from his run in LA, it's running for a few weeks in the Windy City and i by chance ran into him while catching a bite to eat at a diner in BoysTown. It's always interesting to meet pornstars out of the studio setting, as that controlled atmoshere make every guy look just perfect. Matthew, while not being my type, is very attractive in person, well-spoken and seemingly very humble. A great trio of personality traits IMO. Strangely enough, he's also rather short. His images really focus on making him look like a big guy, but in-person he comes across differently.

Now, interestingly enough, as i was leaving the diner, he was outside screaming into his cell about not 'getting paid' for the whole run of the show. Here's hoping that Mr. Rush has a contract to back him up in case things go South. By the looks of things, he wasn't what i would call a happy camper.

Alrighty... WHACKOFF SITE O' THE WEEK: . Beware of some minor pop-ups with this site, but take solace in the free preview section with some amazingly hot video. I'm not sure where they find these guys, but the dicks are MASSIVE and the action sweaty.

... This site is not to be confused with ',' which is also a great site if you consider yourself a wine conissuer...

I know. BAD joke. *takes a bow*

I recently got a great idea to mesh two of my great loves together: My new washer/dryer and taking pictures. Details to come soon, but be on the lookout for some fun new images.


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