Friday, May 07, 2004

Location: San Antonio, TX

Yep, the sweet ride you're looking at above is my new car. Fresh off the Infiniti lot with 15 miles, 280 hp, Bose soundsystem/woofer and some pretty hot lines, this vehicle definitely rocks my world. Check out Infiniti's website and browse under the 'G35 Sedan' for more info on black beauty here...

Added, i haven't 'christened' the car yet. Anyone wanna help *evil grin*

In other news, i've felt like a total lethargic bum lately with some uncharacteristic vacation time. Not that i'm complaining, but when you're so used to running full-steam ahead, you tend to forget what it's like to just sit and relax. It's sort of unnerving. Hell, it's downright boring. I'm ready to get up and go again, but will have to wait until Monday. ARGH. Luckily, i'm spending Mother's Day with my mum, who's going to be in-town for a bit. We're a close knit family, but knowingly i need to see everyone more often.

For those who know me, they'll attest to my mild obsession with underwear... Briefs to be exact. I've got about 400-450 pair at the moment and am always searching for the next perfect pair. Lately, i've been looking at trying to find an adult sized 'Underoo-esque' pair that i wore when i was a lad. I thought for awhile that it wasn't going to happen, but low-and-behold, success! is my current underwear holy grail with a recent order shipped in from Sydney looking GREAT! I'll take a few snapshots tonight and post them on my YG site for opinions. As an added bonus, the price was super cheap considering the AD-USD changeout. Gotta love it. If there's anyone out there who knows of some good underwear shopping sites online, shoot out an email and let me know ASAP. Thanks!

So, i'm reading People Magazine today: Who does Donald Trump think he's fooling with that combover? You'd think a guy who's worth a billion dollars would have the confidence to just shave it off or get a better hairstylist... Heck, Burt Reynolds didn't earn nearly as much as Trump, yet had himself a pretty impressive rug to cover things up. I'm sure my new car isn't worth nearly as much as Reynolds's hairpieces... How did Loni ever keep a straight face when they were married?

Changing focus. My current delimma... I have had tons of emails in the past few weeks from conventioneers & businessmen coming to SA wanting to schedule time, mostly in hourly situations. For the past years or so, it's been VERY rare for me to see someone on an hourly basis, as most of my guys book for an extended amount of time (ie, overnights, weekends, weeks, etc). That being said, is it bad of me to not want to do hourlies when in SA? It's not a class thing or a money thing. It's just that when i'm in SA (usually for a limited time), i feel the need to reconnect with friends and my partner. Financially, not taking hourlies don't make a difference to me. Like i said, it's not a money issue. Now, some may call me a 'bad businessman,' but keeping a balance between my personal and professional life is important to me and take precedence. I've never thought of cutting off any hourly services, but i have cut them back in the past year drastically. I've never been a 'wham-bam' type of escort who's best for just an hour and then out the hotel door.

Feedback on this would be good. Email, let me know. (

Drumroll please: THE (free) WHACKOFF SITE OF THE WEEK is Hot or Not sponsored by Dudes Off Campus. I'm totally into this ratings system, amatuer guys from around the world and how it's broken into sub-categories of 'dick, bodies, dudes, etc.' It's a fun site to browse and provides MUCHO fodder for those solo-sessions. Enjoy guys.

And now, in typical Ferris Bueller-style, it's time to go rub my new car with a diaper...



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