Monday, May 10, 2004

Argh. Escort Politics... So trite:

So a friend of mine tells to to head to and see who they crowned their Escort of the Year. He said i'd get a laugh out of it.

Well, i did. Then i got angry. *laughs*

It was Austin Tanner. Surprised? No. He's sleeping with the webmaster of the site... OF COURSE he's going to get premium placement. Some of you may remember that this was also the site that allowed bogus reviews of escorts to be posted without the webmaster checking them out. Essentially, the site is not escort friendly, largely a paysite and can't hold a torch to HooBoy's Male4Male Escort Review.

Moral of this story? If you can't build a good business on your own, just sleep with the webmaster and hope for the best.

I know... That was an jerk-o thing to say. But it's honest and it made me angry.

Taking deep breaths,


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