Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Location: Carlsbad/White Sands, New Mexico...

A damn fine sunset in White Sands is what you're seeing above. I was surprised the picture came out so perfect, but it's really what it looks like out there. No Photoshopping here. Just nature and her amazing ability to make you thankful for the smaller things in life.

So it looks like last week's blog caused some ruffled feathers. It's also come to my attention that my journal writings are being cut & pasted onto other escort forums in a more unauthorized manner. It's not a huge issue really, but just keep in mind that this along with all of my websites are copyright protected. That includes all writing as well. Just a thought...

I'm just home from New Mexico, where i had a most amazing time visiting Carlsbad Caverns (a place i've always wanted to go) and White Sands (a little taste of the Gobi right here in the states). The Caverns were intricate, much deeper than expected and a little ominous with their choice of lighting. In fact, at times it felt like the elevator to Hades had broken and for pennance we had to walk all the way south. *grin*

Unfortunately the Kings Room was sold-out for the day, but the rest of the tour was quite fascinating. I found myself comaring the stalagmite/tite formations phallicly to gay porn stars i've seen in the past. This became quite an amusing game after awhile and needless to say, some of the others guests down in the caverns with us will never think about those formations in the same way again.

White Sands was AWESOME. Think of a pristine dune-laden beach without the water. It was peaceful. It was the kind of place that fosters total quiet. On the other hand, it took all of my childish strength not to roll down the massive hills of white sand like some sort of demented 12 year old on a slip-n-slide. I've just posted pics from this trip into my YAHOO GROUPS site. If you're a member, go check them out.

Infiniti G35 Speed Report: For the first time, i opened her up today to see what she was made of. Cruising easily at 3.5k rpm, i hit 135 mph no problem. Amazing. I felt like Charlie's Angels.

WHACKOFF SITE O' THE WEEK... I've actually got two this week, as they're both totally new to me and have served me well for those 'solo' occasions. ChrisGeary.com and FakersBusted.com. Chris's site is geared towards personal pics of himself (a buffed out circuitboy) and his friends, while 'Fakers' contains all of the hot pics that people have used and faked as themselves online. Both amazing sites with lots of eyecandy and free content to keep even the most astute jerker going for hours. Just remember to clean off the keyboard when you're finished. Nothing worse that going to check email and your fingers keep slipping off the keys...

Methinks i will will try to update this blog on a bi-weekly basis from now on. I'd eventually like to go daily, with a little bit of 'Page Six' thrown in for good measure. Most of all, i want this thing to remain entertaining and honest. Thanks again guys for keeping up, keeping real and staying tuned. The support means a lot to me, as this thing is totally free, always will be and is truly a labor of love.

This coming weekend you ask? Palm Springs. Little-to-no clothing and a gaggle of gay men. My kinda place. *grin*


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