Monday, May 24, 2004

Location: Palm Springs, CA

It's sunny. It's elderly. It's gay. It's got pools galore, dry air and is otherwise known as Palm Springs. My virginal visit (*ahem*) and a smashing good time it was too. I had a chance to catch the world-famous 'Palm Springs Follies,' featuring some of the oldest (and still EXTREMELY beautiful) showgirls on the planet.

Let me tell you... It's a real jaw-dropper to see a 91 year-old woman in a full-feathered headress, kicking her legs up as well as any newbie in Vegas. The show was a fully-produced spectacle and it was just amazing. A three-hour tour-de-force of gaudy costuming and great dancing, all intersperced with traditional variety acts. It was like watching an Ed Sullivan show, complete with a very Don Rickles-esque Master of Ceremonies. Quite a funny guy.

In other Palm Springs news: I highly recommend The Viceroy (formerly The Estrella) and their three awesome pools. Benjamin Nicholas could be seen spending most of his time getting good use out of new swimgear by those mentioned pools. The sun was perfect for achieving an all-over glow. George Hamilton, eat your heart out. *grin* Nights were spent getting a little cardio and dancing at both Toucans and Hunters, two local gay clubs with a pretty decent looking clientel and a great vibe all-around. The clubs were really cruisy, with a few Abercrombie-esque shirtless guys serving as eye-candy, but luckily, i stayed relatively planted in my shell both evenings. *AWWWW... Collective Sigh*

I also had the chance to head up the mountains on the rotating Palm Springs cable-cars. It served as an awesome view and a good reminder of how cool 9,000k ft can really be. Consider the ground temp was around 91, while the observation deck up north sat at a chilly 56 degrees. Sprinklings of ice and snow could still be seen on the journey up the cable. Very interesting. For more info and pics on my Palm Springs adventure, look to my YAHOO GROUP for coming images in the next couple of days. Also check out some video from the awesomely designed hotel room (aka, The Viceroy) under the 'files' section.

Look for more video of BN and his travels in the future, as i've finally figured out how to get it posted online and hosted for free, without having to deal with bandwidth issues and therefore charging. Aside from all-out pornography, EMAIL ( me and let me know what you'd like to see in full-motion video for the coming uploads. Thanks :)

Alrighty. Here again is THE FREE WACKOFF SITE OF THE WEEK... Brought to you by the letter A and the number 69:

GAY VIDEO is an awesome new site that features FREE video downloads of the hottest young guys in the adult industry today. Very few pop-ups, quick compression speed and a variety of scenes makes this the new winner of this weekly award. Also worth mentioning, the guys at have once again popped my cork and is featuring yours truly in their new 'Visitor Gallery' upload. While nothing X-rated, it's always nice to be a part of such a kickass free site such as theirs. Good work JuicyGoo: Keep it cumming!

Early June brings visits to Vegas, Memphis and some time in Key West. As always, i'll keep this blog updated & fun, while soon working my way up to a daily edition basis. Thanks again for tuning in and always feel free to email with any suggestions or comments.


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