Sunday, June 13, 2004

Location: Vegas yesterday... SA today... Memphis tomorrow.

Well shit-on-a-stick, i feel like crap. This weekend was again spent in Las Vegas (3 times this month and counting) and the climate change from Texas humidity to desert dry just about killed my sinuses, leaving me sounding somewhat like Kermit the Frog on Quaaludes. Needless to say, getting your point across when your vocal chords don't want to work is an insane task. Think Sid Caesar's 'Gibberish' *grin*

The pic above would be my telltale quinessential image of Vegas itself: I'm rocking the sideburns just outside of the Tussauds exhibit @ The Venetian. Silly faces seem to be my forte and i've noticed that many of the images i've posted are just too darned serious. I'm looking into changing that. A grin is also quite sexy i've heard...

So, accomodations this time around in Sin City took an interesting turn, as i stayed at The Blue Moon, Las Vegas's only gay-clothing optional resort. At first i had a few reservations, but then realized that all formality in dress-code is thrown right out the window and walking around in my new AussieBums was perfectly acceptable. I could be a vouyer AND an exhibitionist all at the same time. WHOOHOO!

The place was booked full for the weekend and had an ecclectic age range. What everyone seemed to share in common was a raging sex-drive and time to test the waters. Blue Moon offers a 10-man hottub, pool with waterfall grotto, lush surroundings, awesomely huge steamroom (more on that adventure in a sec), a small Bowflex for us obsessed gymboy-types, a video room and an internet cafe. The rooms are spacious, spotlessly clean with very large bathrooms. Some pretty hot porno is pumped into the rooms by TV, all free and 24-hrs a day. Other programming in-house includes a 'Queer as Folk' channel and other gay-inspired shows.

Okay, so let's get down to the details: This place oozes sex. You can't walk 10 steps out of your room without being either acosted or at least given a full optical checkout. I'd say that 90% of the guys there are always totally naked. There always seemed to be some public action going on, ranging from guys jerking eachother off poolside to full-blown fucking in the hottub. The video room plays two channels of porno and offers comfortable chairs to lube up on and 'meet your neighbors.' The steamroom definitely rocked my world as a well-known Falcon model, who was also staying there, partook in a threeway with myself and partner in the sweltering heat. This guy was hung like a horse, a total sexpig and obviously getting off on servicing. Needless to say, we were ALL tired at the end of that night and i slept like the dead.

We had thought about heading to Gypsy to dance a bit, but the allure of cheap blackjack tables called. Shows seen this time around included Blue Man Group (always awesome) and Mamma Mia (the permanent Vegas company). It earlier blog entries, i was a bit malcontent with the LA tour i saw. Luckily, the Vegas cast was outstanding: Vocally perfect and with great energy. At Blue Man Group, i netted an original work of art created onstage during the show by the threesome. A very shagadelic memento of a highly sexual-charged visit to Vegas. *Whew* I need some sleep.

Here goes this week's FREE WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK WEBSITE, brought to you this week by Steve Wynn and the cast of The Chippendales in Las Vegas: This is a great resource for not only free pics, but anything porno-related, from sextoys to the very latest in escort websites. I haven't noticed any pop-ups on this website so far and definitely give it a big thumbs-up for ease of use and good design. Another hot site, which i've recommended before is They keep it updated weekly with some of the hottest and most exclusive models on the web. Click into the 'Previews' section for images of every guy in their database. If you like muscular fratboys, then this is totally the site for you.

I was recently approached by them (SeanCody) to do some work for their site, but unfortunately i've never been one to go the porno route. It sounds like fun and would probably stroke my exhitionibist side, but who knows what it could happen 20 years down the line. I'm not willing to sacrifice that.

Now, an erotic workout DVD... That might happen sometime soon *grin*

Gossip tidbit for the week: What '60s pop-crooner was seen hitting on passing guys in Las Vegas's gay strip this past weekend? If this guy's penchant for younger fellas gets anymore public, he might have to take his regular gig at the Orleans and move to greener pastures.

Till next week guys. Adios.


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