Friday, June 18, 2004

Location: San Antonio, TX...

Well, i've done it. Stupidity prevailed and my pennance for pushing myself while sick has been a Doc diagnosis of 'Walking Pnuemonia.' I feel like shit. I've had to cancel a planned trip to Key West (for which i still feel guilty about) and am spending the next 5 days or so here in SA to recoup and recover. See, i wasn't aware that a cold doesn't always just exit the body eventually: It moves into your chest and can sometimes turn much worse. The Doc let me know that if i didn't stop moving around for awhile, i could end up in the hospital on a much more permanent basis.

So, here i am, at home and not really enjoying this forced vacation. I am, however, sensible enough at this point to realize i NEED this time to get better.

Enough about my lungs. I spent the past few days enjoying the pork delicacies of Memphis BBQ, particularily at rib-palace Corkys. Also had a chance to catch the new Jake Gyllenhaal release, The Day After Tomorrow. The verdict? Jake was hot, but the movie wasn't. Typical disaster-genre dialogue with way over-the-top effects. If you're looking for a great movie of this type, go rent 'Twister,' but leave DAT on the cutting room floor.

I've had a few people ask me online how i keep decent color in my skin, being of Irish heritage, without risking skin cancer. I've never been much to tan well in the natural sun and tanning beds are even worse on your epidermis, so getting 'sprayed' has been my tan of choice for the past year or more. Now, it sounds so much more kinky than it actually is, but the 'MysticTan' seems to be sweeping the country. It's quick, easy and lasts for around a week. I highly recommend this option for those of you concerned with skin cancer, premature aging or just looking like a leather handbag. *grin* Added, it's also sort of fun to do. Think of it as a 'auto-bronzing carwash' that you step into weekly...

WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK, sponsored this time by Jerry Fallwell, goes to a non-porno site with some great images of fit young men:

How, perchance, did i come across this hidden gem? I was recently contacted by Athen about doing some test shots in Dallas. As much as i appreciated the offer, i didn't find enough of a diversity in his portfolio, along with added loyalty to another amazing photographers i've used in the past. I did, however, find some hot models on his site and thought i'd share. Nice bodies. Young guys. No nudity. Very erotic and in some ways much more hot than total nudity and hardcore porno. Enjoy guys.

Okay, i'm outta here to take it easy and enjoy the benefits of chicken soup and daytime television. I may feel like shit, but wanted to update the blog and let everyone know what's cooking, even if i feel a bit raw around the edges. Thanks to those who sent out 'feel better' emails from last week's entry. Much appreciated and they made me, mentally, feel like a million dollars...
Be well boys.


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