Friday, July 02, 2004

Location: The New Fountains of San Antonio...

Double shit. Just as i'm over being sick, a flood in my condo takes first place in the 'crap-ola olympics 2004.' Seems my neighbor left his jacuzzi bathtub running and didn't remember to turn it off before he left the house (DUH?). Since we share a wall, my whole master bedroom, bathroom and closet went underwater for a swim. Luckily, i got home just as it was getting terrible, so i did some quick thinking and cleared out EVERYTHING from all the rooms affected and hoped that the water coming in from between the walls didn't spread into other parts of the house.

So far, the walls and ceiling in the rooms flooded are shot. They'll need to be sanded and re-sheetrocked. I called in an emergency water extractor and they did their thing, guaranteeing me that what's left won't mold. Whatever. I'm still having new pads and carpeting put in. I'm also letting my void-of-thought neighbor foot the bill.

Insanely enough, all of this crap happens and i still have to get up tomorrow at 6am for a flight to Key West. ARGH. I'm definitely earning some decent karma points for handling this with a smiley face (on the outside). Sorry to vent, but hell if this isn't a blog, right? lol.

I'm swamped with things to get done tonight before bed, so let's just consider this an IOU for a new journal entry mid-week coming soon. My mind's so scattered right now, i may accidentaly recommend a Kathy Lee Gifford CD buying site instead of the usual jackoff material ;)~ I wouldn't want to be responsible for that many limp dicks...

In the words of Gershwin: 'Things are looking up...' (i hope)


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