Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Location: Key West... San Antonio

Well, to wrap the whole flood situation from last blog up in one sentance, let me say THANK GOD for insurance. The contractors are coming Wednesday to start rebuilding. All is well.

The pic above is from Tussauds in Vegas with one pretty (albeit wax) lady. Heckfire if i don't think Elizabeth Taylor was both a real talent and georgeous to boot. Thankfully, Tussauds didn't immortalize her effigy as it remains nowadays. I saw an image of her in a magazine the other day and she wasn't looking too good. Furthermore, what the hell happened to Larry Fortensky? Her 6th husband if i'm not mistaken.

Is she going for Larry King's record or something? :) Perhaps.

Let's get right down to it: This week's FREE WHACKOFF SITE OF THE WEEK award goes to GuysGoneWild.com. That's right kids, the same company who brought you spring break, bouncing girlies and oh-so many joke punchlines now brings you some pretty hot boys stripping it all off and on-cam. The site offers free video and nice pics of what you'll expect to see on the DVD and at a price of only $20 a vid, it's a deal if you want to see the whole thing. Look for a few future Abercrombie & Fitch models in these flicks. Definite jackoff material.

Key West was a blast, with relaxation at an all-time high and the weather down in the Keys being just about perfect. Philly hospitality meets Floridian frolick :) Thanks to the stripslut for making this huge iron cock by the poolside feel welcome and comfortable. (note to readers: these are simply inside jokes. I leave the rest to your sick, twisted imaginations...)

I'm thinking about adding a 'fitness/workout' page to my main website, BN.com. I've had many guys ask how i keep in shape and what supplementation i've been using throughout. I also think it would be a good refference tool for those who are just starting out, looking to change a tired routine or just want to oogle some workout pictures of mine. Over the years, i've gotten pretty knowlegable about workout supplements and would like to share my personal experiences with them, whether it be to debunk false rumors or simply help someone sort out the HUGE number of supplement providers out there.

Don't worry guys: This will not be leading to some sad transition into becoming a personal trainer. I'm quite happy where i am now, thank you. If i wanted to watch people sweat for a living, i'd ask them to flip-over and let me fuck them :)

Speaking of sex. I'm headed to Rio sometime in the near future and was wondering about suggestions on what to do. As much as sex in another country interests me, if anyone could also point out some good resturaunts, nightspots, museums, etc. I'm sure the infamous saunas will come into play at some point, so a heads-up on those would be keen as well. Thanks guys!

Sugar-coated and PR friendly on the outside, her inner-bitch was spotted on a recent flight to Houston. This gal snagged one of the world's sexiest men AND was a former TV frontrunner in the Nielson ratings, yet this celeb was seen demanding (loudly) prefferential treatment, getting into a screaming match with what seemed to be her hubby on-cell and frequent trips to the lavatory all while fidgeting with her very red nose. I suppose cold season came early this year. With her behavior in the terminal and on the flight, it's no wonder she can't keep any FRIENDS...

I'm headed for NYC this week to discuss the idea of starting an underwear line. Thanks to everyone for the emailed suggestions on colors and design. It's still a few days away, so keep shucking those ideas off.


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