Thursday, July 15, 2004

Location:  San Fransisco, CA
Howdy, Hello and Hola.  The beating for not blogging in a timely manner may now begin... Please stay away from the face and below the belt.  On second thought, below the belt is fine as long as it's nothing too rough.  *evil grin* 
A combination of the flood, dealing with contractors, family matters, my email server crashing and an insane impending travel schedule have gotten me behind in both email and this joint.  I'm almost caught up with my E's and not have this finished.  I had a total of 400 backlogged emails from the server crash (all real, not including spam) and had to respond to them ASAP.  I'm quite strange about making sure i type to each person who sends me an email, instead of just flogging out the usual two-sentance response.  Those who know me know that i'm a relative conversational person...
While i'm here in SFO, i'm headed up through wine country and will be touring the wineries.  I'm also planning on getting some new pics taken at the ocean and surrounding outdoor areas.  My body's in peak form right now and i haven't gotten any new pro images in awhile, so this will be the perfect chance.  Hopefully some more erotic shots will be online early this fall from a yet-to-be-confirmed photoshoot in Vegas at the BlueMoon Gay Resort.  Details to come.
I need some suggestions guys:  I'm headed to Palm Springs next month and am looking for the best gay B&B to stay at.  What's the criteria you ask?  I'm looking for the most sexually-charged atmosphere with decent amenities and spotless rooms.  Suggestions may be send to with 'Palm Springs Suggestions' in the subject line.  Thanks guys!
...  Without further ado, this week's free WHACKOFF SITE OF THE WEEK is:  This site is primo for those compulsive jerkers who want to find new techniques to get off and get answers to some hefty questions.  While this site doesn't feature too many hot pics, it's a GREAT resource for masturbation (possibly the best out there).  Since i skipped on last week's journal, i'm also going to add another free WHACKOFF site to this entry:  While i don't partake in barebacking, personally or professionally, i do recommend this site for those who do and want to hook  or simply are looking to get off to some pretty hot free images.  This site also sells homemade bareback porn and mainstream studios who have ventured into the taboo... 
Changing gears a bit:  Why is it lately that the thought of getting fucked lingers so frequently in my mind?  Granted, i'm still 100% versatile, but recently i've found myself daydreaming about getting rammed by a thick, long cock.  Strange?  Perhaps.  Although, this could be the perfect opportunity for me to learn not to pop so fast when getting fucked.  What can i say...  I get greedy when i'm on my back :) 
Let's move on before this turns into a Jackie Collins novel.  Next thing you know, i'll be airbrushed on the cover of some paperback and Fabio will be holding me in his arms.  Not cool.
If there are any of you out there who are familiar with fellow escort Devon and his daily diary, please go check out his site and get the scoop on what's happening with him.  He's hit some skids in life and as any kharma would have it, i'm sending him out a 'Benjamin Nicholas Care Package' filled with the usual:  Cash, AussieBum Undies, a couple of dildos, etc.  lol.  Well, maybe not the dildos, but any gay guy could always use a new pair of undergear.  My reason for bringing this up?  If you know him or have seen him, support him in his time of need.  An email, a call or a letter would really brighten his day.  The Golden Rule indeed.
The newest fad in my life?  MysticTan.  No aging UV-free radicals and the color looks awesome.  Very natural.  Who wants to look like a leather handbag when they're 30?  Well, other than Madonna...  *gasp*
Benjamin's Travel Tips:  THEhotel at Mandalay Bay (in Las Vegas) is quite possibly the finest property on the strip, at least until Steve Wynn opens his new resort in April 2005.  Expect plasma-screens in every room (including the bathrooms), floor to ceiling windows with 180 degree views, impeccable ammenities at THEbathhouse (their spa with a pretty catchy name...  *wicked thoughts*) and a casino-less atmosphere that's not only quiet, but a nice change from the usual sounds in Sin City.  If you can, ask if they've got any King suite upgrades (corner rooms).  If you smile nicely (or possibly catch a gay desk clerk), you can snag it free no problem.  Also worth mentioning are their bath products, which smelled so damn good that i found myself buying larger bottles to take home.  Very shagadelic.
Well, it's about that time for some Bikram Yoga, intense heat and some sweating action.  It's a great class for those looking to cut-up, energize and keep lean.  Added, it's all done in a room that's around 105 degrees, but it's awesome and you feel great by the end of class (about 90 mins a session).  Adios boys...

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