Friday, July 23, 2004

Location:  San Fransisco, CA...  New York, NY....  Where's Benjamin now?

The past 7 days have been somewhat of a whirlwind of for me.  Quite a bunch of traveling, lots of fun and now home-sweet-home in San Antonio.  A big thanks to those who made my SFO and NYC trips such a goodtime :)  Naughty memories indeed...

Let's begin with San Fransisco (ie, GAYopolis and/or Mecca):  An amazing city with a vibe all it's own.  After a breakfast at my favorite spot, Pergaminos, the day started with a photoshoot along the water & Golden Gate Bridge.  Got some great shots from the proofs i've seen and even gathered a small crowd (mostly men) while i was doing the underwear stuff.  I almost felt like passing around an empty coffee can for donations, but the mood was mellow so it wasn't too evasive having people watch.  After shooting for a few hours, i headed up to Wine Country into Napa and Sonoma to tour champagne caves.  VERY cool.  The tour was relatively laid-back and short, but got a chance to taste some of their vintages.  Getting a chance to see where they age their wines/champagne was also interesting.  A combo of that and a perfectly beautiful day made it a great getaway for a day from the city...

Funny sidenote:  After the tour was over, we decided to trespass (GASP!) on an abandoned farm and shoot some B&W's against the old farm structures.  At one point, i was bare-ass naked for some 'artistic nudes' and saw out of the corner of my eye a person walking towards the shoot.  ARGH!  I don't think i've ever gotten dressed so quickly in my life.  Luckily, the guy wasn't the owner and was also trespassing to take some landscape shots.  I'm also pretty sure he didn't see me in various states of undress. 

I've never seen someone get run over by a vehicle...  Until i was in San Fransisco this last time.  A pretty bad hit with the driver accidentaly putting it into reverse when they meant to go foward.  OUCH.  I'm sure the lawsuit is pending.

From the pic above, you can also see i hit the Nob Hill Theater, San Fransisco's answer to The Gaiety in NYC.  They promise beautiful boys, hard cock and a place just dripping with sex.  It was my first visit there and i was pretty surprised at how large the place was.  Large theater for the main show, sex shop, downstairs video arcade/glory holes and shower shows in the back.  The clientel was all pretty scroungy looking, but some of the dancers were hot.  My pick of the evening?  Flash.  A young, straight, pretty-boy who had a pretty nice package of dick, body and character.  He had a smooth, swimmer's bod and nice muscular legs.  He could have benefited from a little time in the sun, but heck if most of San Fransisco isn't in desperate need of a tan.  All-in-all, the show was a slice of alright.  Honestly, it's not much to my taste to be teased and then have no real follow-up.  If i'm going to have a great body in my hands and a cock in my face, then it's got to be all-the-way.  Anything less would be uncivilized ;)  lol.

Also, apologies to Dr. Calvin (the Nob's 'headliner') for laughing uncontrolably during his set.  There's just something about a man with the allure of Fabio while wearing a stethescope and dancing like MC Hammer that makes me snicker.  Mea culpa...

From San Fran i was headed to New York and enjoyed a few relaxing days with a good friend.  Not only did i learn the delicate intricacies of Beef Stew making, but also played catch-up with him and generally laid low while i could.  I'm actually pretty surprised at how easy it was to make such an awesome stew:  The secret ingredient?  Well, if i told you that it wouldn't be a sercret anymore would it?  Needless to say, it's not love, but does taste just as sweet.  It's a thickening agent as well.  Still guessing?  Look for the recipe here in my blog next week.

THE free WHACKOFF of the WEEK site?  For those size-queens out there, check out for some of the largest tools this escort has ever seen.  This site is pop-up free and filled with some great webcam action from boys all around the world.  You won't believe the size of some of these things...  It's unreal. 

Thanks to those who emailed and suggested B&B's to play at while in Palm Springs.  It seems the decision has been made to lodge at The Hacienda and day-pass at some of the sleazier joints for frolic & fun.  Who knows what'll happen with Benjamin in Palm Springs?  One thing's for sure...  Pictures WILL be taken  :)

Speaking of pics, in the near future, look for a revamp to with new images, old archives and an overall new minty fresh taste.  I'm also working on getting an update to my original personal site  In the meantime, for those of you not already signed up for my YAHOO GROUPS site, take this free opportunity to do so to get up-to-date images, polls, video and messages from yours truly.  It's free and fast to sign up.  Enjoy!

Where's Waldo in the next few weeks?  Seattle, Philly, Chicago and Vegas.  While i'm not taking appointments in any of these cities, keep an eye out for me and always feel free to mosey on up and say hello.  I don't bite...  hard.   *evil grin*



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