Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Location: Vancouver, Canada... Seattle, Wa... Friday Harbor and Memphis, Tenn.

Yeah. It's been a nutty 7 days, with one trip consisting of some amazing sites and lots of very interesting private plane flying. We kept a tight schedule, but things worked out well and i even had a chance to see where some of the planes i frequent are made. The world's largest building belongs to Boeing and their tour is definitely a 'not to be missed' when around the Seattle area. It was informative and a cool way to cap off my knowlege of aviation and commercial travel in general... and yes, i'm a flight geek :)

The pic above comes from a VERY impressive new set of images from a talented photographer of mine in California. Most were shot in the San Fransisco vicinity, with some also around Sonoma and Napa Valley. Beautiful days and perfect backgrounds made for a batch of images i'm not only proud of, but excited to post to my YAHOO GROUPS site soon. This image is simply a sneak-peak for those of you not yet signed up and in-the-know. I also intend on updating my images on BenjaminNicholas.com with these new ones, while archiving the old ones in a whole seperate area that will also include some younger pics of me in sequence. Basically, it's the 'Progression of Benjamin' from about 1998 onward. Look for that in the next few weeks.

Apologies for not updating this blog in a more timely manner, as i've been basically net-less for the past week. Email is also currently being worked on and will be returned ASAP. Thanks to those of you who let me know about the technical glitch which made BN.com pretty much unaccessable. It's now back up, running and hopefully in the clear for awhile longer, as tech problems have downed it twice now in the past 6 weeks. Not cool.

I'm headed out tomorrow for an overnight in Chicago, then it's Philly for the weekend. I plan on seeing what a REAL Philly cheesesteak tastes like and will report back accordingly ;) lol.

I also just found out that my trip to Decadence 2004 is confirmed! Look for Benjamin go-go'ing at such places as Corner Pocket and Oz. More details to cum...

Muy Aburigado to those who emailed with Rio suggestions for my trip in early September. Any more first-timer ideas guys? Email me: Escort@BenjaminNicholas.com.

WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK you ask? ItsDick.com takes this week's honor and was a suggestion from a reader in Los Angeles. I've briefly browsed it and it looks promising, but don't take my word for it. I expect lots of honest email if it sucks guys. Don't kill the messenger indeed.

A get-well shout out to Joe in LA for a speedy recovery. Flirt with all of those hot male nurses in the ICU for me J and remember not to slurp your Jello. It's considered bad form. lol.

I plan on posting another new entry this Friday and another big thanks to those who read on a weekly basis. I've got some hot news on things and with more time plan on posting some scortching new things at the end of this week... Let's just say it involves a hot new guy and his possible availability in the escort industry. Want another hint? He can be found at Citiboyz.com as one of their own. Stay tuned boys.

I'm outta here and off to catch some zzz's. Sleep tight guys.


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