Saturday, August 21, 2004

Who is this hot, young guy? The answer to that is soon impending and Myke Nichols will make his intro into the escort world...

No journal entry this week: Apologies galore, but just getting back from Las Vegas, need to wash some clothes and back out tomorrow AM for Palm Springs. I'll be sure to jot something down here when i'm back on Tuesday. I've got Vegas stories... and yes, they involve Myke above. *evil grin*

Big hugs to Joe in Cali for a speedy recovery. Nice to see you back in the saddle kiddo!

Big thanks to Jimmy in Philly for possibly the greatest cheesesteak a guy could ever want to be introduced to. It was so good, i ate there twice in one day. AMAZING.

Bravo Zulu in Mempho... I sent the keys out a bit late, but did send them. Mea culpa :)

Paul, aka 'Mister Frequent Flyer Miles' in SFO: I'm a forgetful nut and need to talk about rushing a Brazillian visa for September. Would you happen to know how?

My entry on Tuesday will handle the Vegas action, my upcoming jaunt at Southern Decadence 2004 and other various strange happenings. Life may be insane right now, but hell if it doesn't make for good posting fodder ;) lol.


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