Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Location: Back from Southern Decadence 2004. Benjamin's in Brazil tomorrow...


Ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? This past week's Southern Decadence celebration in New Orleans was one huge slice of insanity, served ala mode with just a touch of modesty (GASP!). Seemingly, this year's festivities have been toned down a bit, so the whole 'fucking-in-the-street' thing suddenly became urban legend thanks to the religious right and protesters armed with video cams last year.

In any event, it was fun, the DJ's were in top form, Shirley Q Liquor's afternoon show was drop-dead funny and i sweated more on Oz's stage dancing than Delta Burke at a Weight Watchers convention. Add in some stage gyrating at The Pub, amazing meals at NOLA & Mr. B's and bumping into escort-cutie Brandon Baker on Bourbon, and you'll have the trip in a nutshell. Very fun, but as i'm not into the various recreational substances, the late nights were tougher than i had expected. Not that i'm opposed to sleeping in, but wasting a sunny day in New Orleans is sacrelig.

Note to The Corner Pocket for Decadence 2005: Quality over quantity. Rinse and repeat. From my short stopover at The Pocket this year, it seemed as if the boys were somewhat grungy, with only a few real lookers from Taboo (via Montreal) special-guesting. Plain and simple, there were too many dancers, not enough tippers and the boys didn't rotate out enough. It looked as though the boys weren't making too much money and at some points the bar resembled a batchelorette party more than a Decadence event: ie, LOTS of straight women. A bad thing? While it didn't bother me, i can see how it might make some guys uncomfortable.

Interested in seeing some pics from my Decadence experience? If you're not a member of my YAHOO GROUPS site, then sign-up now for a totally free way to get the BN experience. In addition to images, you can also interact with other group members, read up on the latest escort gossip and make your voice heard in various polls. Consider this the one-stop-shop for everything Benjamin ;)

Speaking of images, here's a new favorite from Cabo (taken last week):

... and speaking of gossip. I've gotten TONS of emails from guys wanting to know answers to some of my celebrity dish, so here's yet another GOLDEN GOSSIP GEM for those prying eyes... What three celebs were recently spotted spoiling the saunaboys in Rio's Pointe 202? I'll give you some hints as to the three:

1) The name of this first fella is no dish. This out-of-the-closet Brit, currently attempting to ressurect a fledgling music career, was seen lunching on uncut sausage at Pointe 202 last month. A hint you ask? WHAM!

2) This celeb-designer made a name for himself in the '70s partying at 54 with Halsted and snorting lines with Liza, all-the-while working his way into designer jeans. Brandishing a 'Blue Lagoon' star in his ads made him the talk of the town, while risque (and homoerotic) billboards in Times Square keep him name on everyone's lips. Along with two bodyguards, this fella made good use of his Brazillian Visa to enjoy the 'fruits' of his labor.

3) The pretty-boy son of a famous crooner made his Pointe 202 debut recently, also with bodyguards in tow. Always thought of as the latin lover, it's now apparent that this guy likes nothing more than a bounce on a Brazillian boy butt. He's shown his hot body off in music video form, but is always on the arm of an athletic female who now seems to be the diversion, keeping tabloids tempered. He may have bought her a rock (worth a reported $2.2 million), but it's evident he loves the cock...

In other news: My two product spots of the week go to AussieBum and MysticTan for keeping my ass not only covered, but beautifully tanned as well. Click on the above links to check out both of these awesome sites. Anyone who knows me also knows that i'm an underwear fanatic and AussieBum makes some of the best out there. MysticTan is a UV-free way to keep looking tanned without the threat of skin cancer. Find your local MysticTan booth by entering your zip-code on their website.

As if i'd forget... The WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK mention goes to I got this site as a recommendation and just finished looking over it. A nice selection of captures from paysites (DudeDorm, etc) and other amatuer images guaranteed to get things headed in the right direction. Hot indeed. Only one pop-up from what i could tell. Simply click out of it and you'll be good to have a wonderful whack-attack.

Gratuitious pic of Chance from Bel Ami. Fucking hot guy and still beautiful to this day. This promo pic was taken about 6-7 years ago. He hasn't changed much. Just thought i'd share this image i found from the good guys over at GO PORN GO!

Tomorrow i'm headed out to Rio for a week. I should have net access in the hotel, but apologies in advance if responses to emails are slow. I'll make sure to get some good shots of the boys, the beaches and other Rio-ish things. Here's hoping i don't hit Hurrican Ivan on the way back into the states via Miami. ARGH. Other upcoming international trips include Tuscany, Venice, Florence and some of the USVI's.

Update on escort-superstar-to-be Myke Nichols: His site is being worked on and an email addy should be up and running for those interested in seeing this frat-stud in the near future. Forgot what he looks like? This should help...

... He looks even better without clothes :) Trust me on that one.

It's late and it's time to pack. Say goodnight Gracie.

"Goodnight Gracie"

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