Friday, September 10, 2004

Location: Rio!!!

Sorry guys, no pic on this quickie blog... Just wanted to let everyone know i'm here safely and am falling in love with not only Brazil, but the people, food and culture as well. The Brazillian boys are all very good-looking, but my height, blonde hair and golden-tan is a dead-giveaway i'm an American and this seems to garner mass attention.

It's really strange... Mildly stroking my meglomaniac side though... lol. *gag*

Just got back in from Le Boy, their largest gay club in Rio, and the music & crowd were just amazing. Great energy. Positive vibe. No attitude. Very shagadelic :)

I'm taking some awesome pics, but don't have my upload cable with me, so please be patient with my until the upload on the 15th or so... Thanks much fellas.

Tomorrow it's off to the gym, a day on Copacabana Beach and an evening at Pointe 202. Anyone got any suggestion for getting some real culture in this town? I'm privvy to museums of any kind and soaking up anything Rio in all forms. Email me if you're in the know.

... and thankfully most here speak Castillian Spanish, so i'm covered on communicating. I may not be so adept at Portugese (sp), but my 8 years of fluent spanish is coming in MIGHTY handy right about now.

Adios Chulos. Yo soy muy cansado. Sleepytime!


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