Monday, September 20, 2004

Location: Chicago for the weekend... Back in The Alamo City.

Goodtimes. Finally, a real, full-sized entry into my lonely blog. It's about damn time and let me apologize for having a schedule lately that's kept me from keeping things up-to-date here. I also wanted to make sure i had some pics from Rio to attach to this entry, so that too held things up a little. Ain't technology great? :)

The pic above was taken last week, high above Rio and Copacabana Beach. The city and whole experience was amazing and really kicked the crap out of my past visits to Brazil (Caracas and Sao Paulo). The American dollar stretched to no limit, the food was consistantly good and the whole atmosphere was really relaxed and chill. For more images of Rio, head over to my yahoo groups site and check out the most recent upload.

I flew with American Airlines over to Rio. For those of you who know me, i'm somewhat of a Continental junkie, so this was a bit of a change for me. My routing was from SAT-DFW-MIA-GIG. A semi-long haul, but luckily i was booked in American's 'Flagship Suite' class. Click here for more info on this super-swank way to fly. I predict that when AA retrofits this new class into all of their 777's, they will be a major player in providing the best service and atmpshere in the sky internationally.

So, after about 13 hours of flying, i arrived in Rio. Customs was a breeze. No lines. Headed to the brand-spanking new Rio Royal Hotel (2 blocks from Copacabana Beach), where they're still in a 'soft opening' phase, so the rooms are DIRT cheap. My favorite aspect of the rooms you ask?

... The 8-guy Jacuzzi of course :) How do i know it fits 8 guys? Maybe it was a good guess. Then again, maybe it was more than just a good guess.

I also enjoyed the addition of this:

Yes, i expected to get a toilet, but a bidet is always a nice, refreshing (ie, COLD) way to wake yourself up in the AM. Just don't mistake it for a water fountain like a fellow Houston escort did a few months back and drink from it. Listerine anyone?

Days in Rio were spent doing some typical touristy things, while the evenings were spent cavorting in gay life and beachfront cafes. LeBoy was a blast in the great realm of gay clubs, spinning some great older dance beats from the early '90s. I also got to catch a drag show, something i haven't sat through in ages. While i usually find them a bit dull and cookie-cutter, this one was out-of-this-world! These 'women' were leaping off the stage, running across the dancefloor and climing the scaffolding that the go-go boys were dancing on. They then proceeded to do the splits between two metal bars of the scaffolding, all without missing a beat or messing up the lip-synch. Shagadelic... and VERY entertaining.

Corujihna, a popular cafe for gay boys, hustlers and street performers was a plucky spot to sit back, enjoy some Guarana (think of it as a cross between apple juice and ginger ale) and people watch. It's funny, as the working boys immediately saw me as an outsider and thought i was trying to 'work' their territory. Being the only blonde in a crowd garners quite a bit of attention in Rio, but i still tried my best to just blend into the background and let the boys make their deals. Lots of Americans around looking to bag a boy at a great rate. Needless to say, it was really interesting watching how these boys wheeled & dealed.

Just a random pic of a guy i wouldn't mind getting naked with. Saw it today and thought i'd share :)

Okay, back to Rio: The saunas there were an experience. I visited Point 202 twice while i was there and felt totally comfortable with the guys, the surroundings and the vibe. Some may find it a little strange to be confronted by Brazillian boys (with MASSIVE tools) for a good time, but after awhile you get used to it and get in the groove. Prices for boys were about 40RI when i asked, which roughly translates to $12-18 USD an hour. The procedure for picking out a guy is simple: Find the guy, get set on price ('Quanto Custo?') and then request a room from the guy, who will in turn get the key from the front desk. Just keep an eye on time, as most saunas don't have clocks or timers handy, thus charging you for another go-around automatically when time expires.

Now... I'm sure you're wondering if i partook in the sauna festivities? After a little poking, prodding and heavy petting, i decided to take the plunge and a threeway commenced. Since i'm not much of a size queen, i picked out a fella who was stunningly cute in both body & face. Twinkish in a Brett Everett way, decently hung (7"uc) with a killer smile and more personality that anything at Point 202 either night. Most boys working there were more like used car dealers, hawking their wares with a noticable killer instinct in their eye. Guys like that don't turn me on much. I suppose i like a guy who's real and can be really into it.

So, we head upstairs to a king-sized bed and the shit hits the fan. Well, not literally, but this kid turns out one helluva blowjob and begs repeatedly to be fucked. While topping or bottoming wasn't really an objective on my adjenda, let's just say that i turned the tables on the kid and let him go to town on Benjamin. Yea, it was nice :) lol. I was definitely walking bow-legged back to the hotel.

For you foodies out there, i can highly recommend Copacabana Hotel's lunch spread, as well as anything at Maxims. Rio seems to be obsessed with pizza, so you're sure to find it on just about any menu around. I had some killer beef stroganof there. Also, make sure if you're sitting in a beachfront cafe during the day, to work on your 'no thanks' routine to the slew of street vendors who will constantly interrupt your meal. I don't, however, recommend throwing a spear of your rodizio-gaucho barbeque at them. It pisses em' off.

Overall, Rio was perfect and i can't wait to head back. It definitely ranks up there with some of my all time favorite travel trips. If anyone needs more info on things, don't hesitate to email me and ask. While i'm no expert yet, i do have a semi-decent grasp on things.

I headed home for a day and then was back out to Chicago for this past weekend. When arriving at O'Hare, something happened to me that's never happened before: I was stood up. I waited around the airport for a good 2 hours and then decided to call family in Chitown to make a surprise visit. When talking about this incident with a good friend on the phone yesterday, he said it's good for this to happen every now and then, as it keeps you grounded and humble. I suppose he's right. I also suppose it happened for a greater reason: ie, like giving me a chance to head over to SteamWorks on Saturday night. WHOOHOO!

While i'm not always the one to kiss and tell, i did bump into a fellow Boston escort and we ended up going back to my room to 'trade notes.' No names needed, just a pic:

... and yes, he looked GREAT in a sling. Went very well with his birthday suit ;)

OKay kiddos, it's time again for the free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK! This week's site is a DOOZIE and provides some truly hot images (amatuers, twinks, speedos, underwear). It's easy to navigate and it's always adding new content. Best of all? It's free dude! Check it out. Thanks to Big M for the suggestion. Pretty hot site.

A sneak-peek on some upcoming content for

Look for a new set of 'Workout' images coming soon. I'm going to try to give a new meaning to the gym term 'pumping up.' *evil grin*

Thanks for tuning in boys. Patience is a virtue and it's also appreciated.


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