Saturday, October 02, 2004

Location: ... Flying to Italy. ('Thats'a spicy meat'a'ball!)

They call me Flipper, Flipper... Faster than lightining. I just remembered i had this pic from the Cabo trip and wanted to post it. It's amusing and it also shows what a nerd i really am. Aside from all of the serious 'looks' i have in most of my images, the guys who know me also know how much of a dork i can be. From the pic above, it's not too hard to see that 'dorkability.' lol.

So anyway, i'm now done with my sexcapades with Yahoo, going back to the drawing board with my webguru Ron and going in a different direction completely. I plan on revamping in the next month or so, making it an all-inclusive spot on a dedicated server, as to avoid any other TOS (terms of service) problems. Look for new features, image sets, polling systems, a message center, video clips, newsletter ability and other schnazzy things that will make my old yahoo groups look like George Bush's business sense.

What did this whole whizbang thing teach young Benjamin? If you're going to go massively public, make sure you have your arse covered. This was nothing more than laziness on my part and i take FULL responsibility for it. You can bet your sweet bippy that i'll be more careful in the future when dealing with the unknown...

Some new blind items for those celeb obsessed: At a world premiere movie event in Toronto recently, which male celeb switch-hitter attempted to go for a 'younger look' by using the ever-loved Ron Popeil 'Spray Hair' fix? This former American Beauty Oscar-winner was seen sweating bullets throughout the film and ended up with more than just a pat on the back for his efforts... His shirt collar was charred from the withering spray solution! The actor-now-crooner sprinted from his seat before the lights went up and into a clean shirt before shaking hands and kissing some major butt.

This former boyband member, once dating a well-known reality TV celebutaunt... has been overheard telling friends in Los Angeles that he too has 'performance tapes' of his infamous ex-galpal. Could a sequel be in the works? He's currently shopping production companies, and has also been seen entering the offices of Vivid Video. Muy interesante! Here's hoping this former boy-bander can measure up below the belt as well as his beefy predecessor did...

A former BelAmi model and Studio2000 goldenboy... is quietly making his way into the escorting world, thanks to a little help from his friends. Whether he'll be a versatile working boy or not remains to be seen, but this hottie never took a chance on the bottom of things during his very vivid porn career. For now, he'll quietly be working in the states, while fellow BelAmi'ers like Tim Hamilton work the boards in Paris. I wonder how BelAmi feels about some of their finest selling their bubble-butts for bread and bills?

Free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK you ask? Here ya go... Hot out of the oven: TeenMuscleGuys. Double damn if this isn't the hottest free site i've posted yet. I think i've jacked off to this site 5 times today alone and it's as simple as signing up for a free EZboard account and logging in. It's quick guys, trust me. There's no spam, no pop-ups and the content is BURSTING with hot, young guys with amazing bodies. If you're into shirtless (and ripped), 18-20somethings, then this is the site for you. Here's one example of their library:

Okay. I want to nail this guy. Plain and simple.

And another...

DAMN. I love this site.

Okay... last one:

Ashton Kutcher-esque, no? Still a hot kid and another reason this free site is the SHIZNIT :)

Just a reminder folks: All future correspondence can be sent to THIS email addy. If you've got any of my old addys at yahoo or, please change em' as they're dead in the water. Thanks much.

So, it looks like for the next week or more, i'll be in Italy. Thanks to all who have written in with suggestions for this first-timer. They are much appreciated. I'm not sure about web-access while over there, but be assured that if i can get online, i'll be posting images and sorting through email ASAP. If i can't, please mind the gap and know i'll play catchup when i'm back in the states on 10/12.

I can almost imagine it now... a photo of the 'David' wearing my red AussieBums. Think they'd go for it? It could happen. A fig leaf just ain't as stylish as it used to be... lol.

Upcoming travels (next 1-3 mo's) include: USVI's, San Diego, Dallas, Vegas, Chicago, Memphis, Cabo San Lucas, Turks, Key West, London, Rio and LA. Whether or not i will have additional time to take other guys remains to be seen, but i'll be sure to let ya know what's cooking in-advance. With all of this flying, i'm hoping to have a guilded airline seat with my name on it sometime in the near future. I'm putting it right next to that solid-gold toilet i'm never going to get. *grin*

Gadget Alert! I just upgraded my cell technology to a Motorola V710. While i have great fear that it might take me months to master this new noisemaker, it does have the ability to take pictures and video. WHOOHOO! Talk about an excuse for making your own short porn clips! Seriously though, i do plan on making it a part of my website revamp to include shots taken from the phone throughout all of my travels. A sort of realtime photo-diary. While i haven't yet learned how to tinker with image quality (there are 4 resolution settings), here's what an image from my cam looks like on a 'thumbnail' setting:

Yes... They'll get better. Picky bastards. lol.

Anyway. It's time to hit the sack kids and Benjo's got a gym session early in the AM. Abs class and freeweights wait for no man. Possibly another posting tomorrow, but won't be until later in the day. Thanks for staying tuned.


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