Friday, October 15, 2004

Location: San Antonio, Tx... Leaving Sunday for the USVI's

Curious about the image above? It's a metal sculpture by the late Keith Haring, one of my favorite artists to grace the pop-art scene in the '80s. He was one of the main proteges of Warhol and went on to become quite influential in AIDS awareness during the Regan era. Low & behold i found this work at the Academia in Florence while in Italy this past week. Small world, eh? It was a very shagadelic find and especially placed so prominently in the main courtyard.

Needless to say, it made me smile :)

Italy was BEAUTIFUL... I think my favorite experiences were in Rome and Venice. It's jaw-dropping to see Venice in-person, as it's so surreal that you think you've stepped into a movie set. It's old-world charm plasters a perma-grin to your face whenever you're out & about, just walking around. Rome's architechture was stunning. The Trivoli fountain, built right into an existing building, was a real highlight. On a lighter note, most locals will shake their head in confusion when you ask where 'Caesars Palace' is and how loose the slots are...

Places visited on this trip: Milan, Florence, Rome, Tuscany (San Gimigiano, Siena, Maltanchino) and Venice. All beautiful, All the time.

Italian men you ask? Pretty friggin' hot. Europeans in general have a sense of style that really supercedes most Americans. Many of the young guys i saw in Italy looked like they had just stepped out of a Diesel Clothing Ad. I find that look REALLY attractive on some guys. Muscles don't seem to be 'in' amongst the younger set. Most were thin-to-waif, smoking a cigarette and chatting on the cell. I also happened upon some really hot tourists as well. Case-in-point? Check out this hottie in my feeble attempt to play undercover photographer Magnum PI:

This kid's got a nice ass on him. WHOOHOO! I saw it and just had to get a snapshot. Way too nice not to be appreciated by my fellow blogianians. I had thought about taking candid snapshots of guys i found good-looking, but reconsidered and felt it might have too much of a Silence of the Lambs-Jodie Foster-NightVision feel to it. Eh. Maybe on this upcoming trip ;)

Celeb Blind Item of the Benj Blog: Which writer/comedian, touring with a lively Broadway musical, was setting his sights on escorts in each city he pitstopped? This jolly, former Holly-Square, had been getting a bit sloppy in his penchant for boy company and is now religating his personal assistant to make the calls & drop the emails. He's not only making a name for himself in this '60s-inspired musical, but also getting quite the rep among escorts for his fetish for getting jiggy with produce. Yes, i said PRODUCE. Think watermelon.

News on the Paris Hilton front: I've seen the newest sex flick of her and former-flame Nick Carter.... Let's just say that 'penis envy' will take on a whole new light. Comparing Carter to Solomon (from the first vid) is like comparing cocktail onions to a rigid cucumber. Methinks Carter will be the butt of many jokes for months to come. From what was depicted on the video, maybe Carter can become the newest spokesman for Viagara. It could happen.

As always, some eye-candy to keep the ball rolling. Thanks to JuicyGoo for these images and i suggest giving their free site a visit if you haven't in the past:

He may be seated, but he's standing at full-attention in my book. VERY nice...

This kid's got a nice little package going. The gold chain is giving me some Mister T vibes, but what-the-hay, i'd bed him...

Iffy on the face, but only really looking at the body anyway ;) lol.

I've seen this one floating around the web awhile, but i'm all for over-exposure, so here it is again! Something about a tan guy with yellow shorts that always gets me.

You know something? I suddenly feel like the gay-porno-Mister Blackwell...

On that note, let's get to the ever-loved free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK site: HOT DAMN, this site might not be totally free, but the preview images and featured guys on the left menu are something to see. No penetration on this site. It's not even technically a sex site, but it a Godsend for those of us who enjoy the male form and appreciate the gymwork it takes to have a nice bod. I'm especially into Andy & Lyric on the site... Two of the hottest guys i've seen out on the web.

Cool site to visit if you're a cellphone junkie: I head here for my MP3 ringtones, as it's super-cheap to send them to your phone and the selection is massive. I just bought the new Motorola V710 and now wonder how i could have ever lived without hearing The Beatles 'Penny Lane' everytime the phone rings. lol.

Heading out on Sunday for a week in and around the US Virgin Islands. Not sure about internet access, but if i'm online, i'll be sure to post a blog up. Email will be returned ASAP. Expect some new beachy images, but for the time being, the bulk of my newest images will be debuted after undergoes rennovation...

Speaking of: I'm psyched! I've finalized plans for an all-new and work will begin on the site in the coming weeks. It's a HUGE undertaking, but look for large image archives, intense interactivity, all the former functions of my Yahoo Group, video, workout tips & pics, travel plans and photos, a Benjamin Q&A, calender, links to my likes and MUCH more content than before. My webmaster will be working his butt off to make this happen and i'm really excited about things. I hear that familiarity breeds contempt and shaking things up every now & then is always a good thing.

Stay tuned for more. Benjamin's only just beginning...


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