Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Location: San Juan, PR... Sailing towards St. Maartin!

No pic. Sorry, sorry, but am using one of the ships machines and they are kicking my ass on uploading anything from my camera phone to an online server. Argh.

The ship is massive: Really big and full of things to do for ages. Never a dull moment. I'm digging their gym setup and am actually eating VERY healthy while on this floating city. It's tough when you have food shoved at you every second of the day :) A cruise nowadays is seemingly the ultimate in excess from all standpoints, with great willpower needed to simply say 'no.' lol.

The Coasters were the entertainment last night. They put on a good show. Cruise ship entertainment seems to be the final resting place for all washed-up entertainers, long past their heyday. Luckily, The Coasters still sounded great and i had a blast singing along to such tunes as 'Yakkity Yak' and 'Poision Ivy.' Yes kids, it was SUPER shagadelic. *wink*

I'm not back mainland until Sunday and i'm waiting to respond to all email until then. Thanks to everyone who emailed and know i'm on top of things (ahem) and will be shooting out replies on Sunday evening. Mea culpa.

Interesting San Juan story: Another SteamWorks adventure, but this time at their PR location. While i didn't remember to sneak the cam into the fray this time, i do have some juicy details to share in the coming blog postings.

... His name was Juan ;) That's all i've got to say for now.

*evil grin*

Alrighty, i'm getting sleepy and tomorrow sounds like it's going to be a full one. Added, i've got some strange yoga class early tomorrow morning and need all the sleep i can get. lol. I'm not sure how all of this balance-stretching-yoga stuff is going to work so early in the AM for me: I can barely function before 10am.

Thanks for staying tuned kids. Be back in a jiffy :)


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