Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Location: San Antonio, Tx... A week of rest perhaps? Yup.

Damn, it's been a pretty long month kids. Italy and this past Caribbean cruise were back-to-back and staying away from homebase for such an extended amount of time can be tough. Granted, both trips were FANTASTIC- Couldn't ask for better memories- but after awhile, you do get that hankering for your own bed. It's good to be back in SA for a little while :)

Here's a quick breakdown of my Caribbean adventures, port-by-port:

San Juan, PR~ Shopping obsessed. Those who know me also know i'm not much of a shopper (Malls frighten me), so i had to find something to do that was NON shopping-for-dutyfree-crap related. SteamWorks sufficed perfectly and the whole afternoon was spent galavanting around the in-rennovation bathhouse. More on my Steamworks adventure below.

St Maarten~ More shopping and a rather rainy day. Highlights included riding modified wave-runners around the island (aka, 'Rhinos') and snorkeling a bit. Very shagadelic! The weather was mostly cooperative. Here's a pic:

Beautiful, no? I thought so. I'm a sucker for turquoise water :)

St Thomas~ Surprise... Even more shopping. It was a bit rainy out this day, so we mainly walked about the town and then headed out to the beach for some R&R. A relaxing day.

Nassau, Bahamas~ Of course there's shopping here.... Nassau would sell a visiting American a used car if they thought they could fit them back on the ship. Crap trinkets galore. Spent the day at Breezes resort on Cable Beach. While the resort wasn't my style, the wave-running all around Nassau was awesome. A sunny day, blue water and finding a hidden sandbar to dock and get naughty on were all on the agenda. Good memories indeed. Here's a pic of Paradise Island:

The ship? Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas. It's pretty damn big. As i mentioned before, the food was good, but there was way too much of it. I was on my best behavior and woke up every AM for gymtime and cardio. It was a bit disheartening to see so few people using the gym facilities, as so many on the ship could have used a little fitness boost. The entertainment for the 7-day cruise was also pretty impressive: The Coasters, The Freshmen and a couple of really solid production shows from the in-house singers & dancers.

The steamroom in the men's locker area was REALLY cruisy. That's all i'm going to say about that. lol. Pleading the fifth now...

So, back to SteamWorks: Things ended up in a threeway situation with a rather cute young guy named 'Juan.' He was super-smooth, boyish, not more than 21 yo and might be considered a tri-pod based on his rather large cock. Fun was had by all back in the private room and i greedily decided to go for a quick 'round two' in the darkness of the video maze. lol. Juan wasn't complaining. The funniest part about heading to SteamWorks was seeing all of the other gay guys from the cruise ship go as well. They all kept their heads down and tried to remain incognito. It's a bit tough to do so when you're the only Americans in the joint... *grin* A dead giveaway for sure.

... and with that, let's segway into this week's free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK: FratMen.com and BiggerCity.com. While i'm not a chub-chaser, i am all for equal-opportunity turn on, so for those reading this that are into beefier guys, BiggerCity is your one-stop-shop. FratMen.com has some pretty hot sample images from various photosets of their hung, hot and muscular young fratboys. If either of these two sites don't rock your world, just head back to JuicyGoo.com for their most recent amatuer gallery update. Happy whacking boys :)

Eye candy you ask? Wouldn't be a blog without them:

Yea, that would be pretty nice. I could give or take his face though. *evil grin*

I've seen this pic on many sites and always thought it was friggin' hot. Whaddya think?

Okay, well... This one is me, so i can't be some narcasisstic asshole & jerkoff to my own image (trust me, i've tried). Just thought i'd share one of my many new shots from a recent photoshoot. Enjoy. If you'll notice the underwear band, it says AussieBum on it. I'm not only a spokesman, i'm a frequent wearer of my 'Bums' too.

Celeb 'Blind Item' of the week: These two well-knowns have been dating for about a year now and have recently fallen out-of-sync due to a same-sex tyrst! Sources of mine thought it was this female angel who partook in the homo-activity, but with some further investigation, it was found that the problems stemmed from HIS dipping into the male cup. It reportedly happened while on the set of his first film. While details as to WHAT happened are sketchy, i do know that it involved the drug otherwise known as X. Celeb watchers are going apeshit to see if this cute-by-day/gay-bi-night couple sticks it out...

Inside the Escort Studio: What well-reviewed, Southeast-based escort is currently battling a major drug addiction to crystal meth? His clients have noticed a sharp downturn in his customer service skills, along with his ability to perform as before. Might Viagra be in his future? If he doesn't clean himself up, he'll have LOTS more to worry about than a limp dick.

In the same geographic area, what other well-known escort is soon going from a male to female? This 'out of left field' decision will surely amaze his former clientel and keep guys chattering about this for months to come. Details to follow in coming blogs...

Benjamin's Must-See Movie of the week: 'Saved'... Amazing film. Truly tongue-in-cheek with a overall human side in the end. It's out on DVD now.

Well, when i start talking about transgender escorts & twosomes gone gay, it's yet again time to wrap things up. Thanks for staying tuned in and turned on. You ain't seen nothing yet ;)


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