Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Get out there and VOTE... It's not only an American right, it's also something people in other countries would kill for. Don't waste your vote. Be heard.

... and for those who vote 'KERRY 2004:' You'll get a delightful blowjob from yours truly or a year's supply of TurtleWax. I have a feeling that after this election, my jaw is going to be mighty sore.

Now, for those who vote 'BUSH 2004,' my associate (shown below) will be glad to 'take care of you' as repayment. She's a mighty sexy lass, no?

At this point in the public service announcment, i'd like to pose this striking question: Where the hell did she get that bedspread? It closely resembles the same colors that BelAmi uses in their sets and will forever warp my sense when watching BelAmi flicks in the future.

Okay, okay... This wasn't meant to be a full blog posting, but just wanted to make sure everyone was on the voting wagon and exercising their rights.

Who is Benjamin voting for? Simple. Whoever's platform includes 'National Nudity Day' along with a co-International holiday with Australia for 'AussieBum Wearers of the World Unite.' I felt Kerry's stance on putting a SteamWorks in every city to be a bit much, but did like his plan to cut prices on Eros Lube while maintaining its quality formula.

Gotta respect that :)


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