Sunday, November 07, 2004

Location: Just back from San Diego & Anaheim, CA...

Hey blogsters: A big thanks for your Sunday patience, as i'm just back into SA from some West Coast action and jumped on to share the dirt from quite an arousing four-days of fun. From the image above, it's pretty obvious that Disney was in my travels, but unfortunately there was no hot Ben-on-Mickey action in any of the public restrooms. That, my friends, would have been fucking Goofy...

*rimshot* A-thank you :)

I was emailed this Mark Dalton mugshot from a loyal reader and while it's technically old news from the porno-boy-turns-steriod-seller front, it's still a strangely compelling image:

Methinks Falcon won't be using this shot for any of Mark's upcoming movies. They'd need a whole team of airbrush artists to figure this one out. If my sources are correct, it seems that Mark won't be out of jail for the next 5 years stemming from a variety of backlogged charges he's been running from for years. While i'm not amused at the thought of ANYONE headed to the clink, the old addage of 'living and dying by the sword' rings pretty true in this case. Interesting, but sad indeed. In the meantime, i'm thinking of starting the 'Mark Dalton needs massive amounts of Botox fund.' Any objections?

Hot news from the Jake Gyllenhaal/Kirsten Dunst 'breakup' front: Yep, they're back together. Kristen spent election night with the Gyllenhaal family in LA while Jake was with the Kerry campaign spooning for last-minute (ie, young) voters. It makes Benjamin's heart warm to know that their shared pup Spartacus won't go to the dogs and that Kirsten D is once again getting to get her groove on with one of America's hottest young guys.

Okay then, now back to San Diego and Disney...

This was my first trip to either location, so i was pretty stoked about getting to see something new and also get a chance to hit DisneyLand. I'd been to World in Orlando, but heard the detail on the original was better, albeit smaller in scale. In any event, it was awesome. They already had the park themed for Christmas (what-the-shit happened to Thanksgiving???), so most of the rides like The Haunted Mansion & Pirates of the Carribean were re-tooled for the holidays. As a typical thrill-seeker, my favorite rides there included the new Indiana Jones Adventure and a 1950's opening-day original, Mr Toad's Wild Ride. While i didn't stay put for the fireworks at night, the whole day at Disney is one i'll never forget.

San Diego was a pretty shagadelic pad as well. I'd have to call it uber-gay with the good sense to pull it back when needed. It wasn't over-the-top gay like West Hollywood can be, but was also visibly gay enough within the Hillcrest area to be called a 'gay hood.' Richs seemed to be the bar favorite, but with little time in the city for nightlife, i decided to be naughty-as-usual and went with my company to Club San Diego to check out the local sex scene.

Yea, like you guys expected anything less from me. lol.

Club SD could easily be described in one phrase: Garage Sale. The design looked as if the owners were selling all of their old crap (mattresses, bed frames, steel beams, broken light fixtures, mops, etc) and had it strewn around the place like some sort of sick-sexual-sample sale of hedonism. This was definitely a place where flip-flops were NOT optional. The whole joint was carpeted in a very 'Three's Company' motif and let's just say that carpeting tends to absorb every liquid that's spilled onto it: Think about that one a bit. *shudder*

In any case, there wasn't any hot public action there other than the heat created in the private room we optioned. While i'm no fine conisseur of gay porn, the selection in their TV rooms was dismal at best and often times fizzled & faded, creating decent-sized 'speed bumps' in my jacking off experience. Not cool... Not even close to kosher. On the plus side of things, i did get a chance to test out some new condoms as a top and i think i've hit the jackpot in terms of the perfect piece of latex: PleasurePlus Condoms. They advertise as it feeling like a bareback experience and damned if i wasn't convinced. A M A Z I N G. They're not paying me to say this (although, that would be ideal) and combined with my fave lube (Eros), it's really an amazing feeling as a top. I've also been told that it's pretty damned hot as a bottom as well. I quite literally had to stop myself a half-dozen times from going over the edge, as it felt like there was nothing there at all and the stimulation was insane.

Yea, they're a little expensive for latex condoms, but if you happen to find them at a local drugstore, pick up a pack and see for yourself. Let me know if you don't agree that they rock: I'm Listening.

Alrighty... Let's see 'Page Six' try to run this one: It seems that a sex-drizzled blast from the past has come back to haunt one of the 'Fab Five' Queer Eye guys. His city-specific exploits as an ESCORT from years ago are coming back to bite him in the well-groomed butt. Former clients of this man-into-makeovers say he not only go-go'ed at local pockets, but also took his business home with him when strapped for cash. What do his fellow cohorts in current comradary think about his former profession? They're clueless for the time being, but rest assured that past client-taken pictures will surely shake things up.

You think i'd let my blog go this far without some eye-candy? Enjoy.

I guess this pic was posted for the size-queen in all of us. A nice bod, granted, but just one look at the tool and you know it's perfect for the job.

Hot, young guy in his underwear. You do the math. Yea, i've got a fetish :)

... and speaking of fetish: This one is courtesy of my Speedo fetish. WHEW!

These next two images come here as a preview of this week's free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK website:

... Let's all bow heads and give thanks to the website for ManHunt: America's Search for yadda, yadda, yadda. WHO GIVES A FLIP ABOUT THE CONTEST? Bring on the underwear-clad men in various states of homoerotic debauchery. This site may not be hardcore porn, but for those who are into beautiful men in jeans, underwear, fashion and undress, then this site is for you. I'm a huge fan of shirtless guys, but not necessarily in porn-settings of a hardcore nature. I find images like these above to be MUCH more erotic and sexy to me than anything else. Hopefully the site is enjoyed by you guys with as much pleasure as i've gotten from it ;)

I know last week i mentioned writing my own Top 10 list of working escorts who i find to be the hottest out there, but i've been somewhat sidetracked lately. Mea culpa! What i'm really interested in is knowing what YOU think regarding the hottest hotties in the escort industry. Why not shoot me something, mentioning your picks for an upcoming Top 10 blog. No worries about sending a pic of your guys-in-question, just send me a list of your faves and i'll make sure to get em' in order and report back. In typical '15 Minutes...' fashion, i'll also make sure to parlay up some thoughts on the winners and add a few of my own. As always, I'm Listening.

Howdy to my newest frequent-reader and Las Vegas PartyMama Anna Nicole Smith. Thanks for tuning in oh-thin-one and sending off such a shagariffic email saying hello & letting me know i've got your eyes. I wonder if there are any other celebs lurking around here? Hmmmm.

With that, it's time to snag some dinner, get to the MysticTan booth and catch some ZZzzz's. It looks like it's going to be an overnight in Dallas for this traveling guy. As always, thanks so much for staying tuned and definitely expect something new posted before next Sunday.

*sigh* Another 4 years of the hulamaroo.


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