Thursday, December 09, 2004

Location: San Antonio by-ways of Las Vegas

Would you agree that the pic above of current Blade III star Ryan Reynolds is hot? Reynolds is my current drool-of-the-month and has some decent screentime in this new flick, sans shirt of course, to show off his amazingly worked-out bod. We can only hope that his new wife, singer Alanis Morrisette, makes hot monkey-love several times daily to this stud...

Just in case the first one didn't tickle your fancy:

Okay. I just had an orgasm. I feel better :)

Some of this past week was spent in Las Vegas, a place i tend to see quite a bit of, but it was a very fun trip in any event. I shacked up for a few nights with friends who were in town, met a couple of very cool guys (Gino & Davey) and we all had a blast hanging out together. Truth be told, i have a small crush on Davey and thought he was one of the most well-rounded guys i've met in a long while. Very shagadelic. We hit Jeff Sanker's birthday party at Krave, while also checking out Gypsy. I played designated driver for everyone (as always) and marveled at just how drunk someone can get in a few hours. It was sociology at it's very best folks. lol.

I figured that since i'm in Vegas so much, i might as well do a quick TOP 5 list of shows, hotels and resturaunts to hit while in town. Since these are just my personal picks, don't take them as the gospel from Steve Wynn. These places have simply shown consistancy in quality and entertainment~ something tough to do in a town with so much turnover...

HOTELS (in no particular order):

1) Bellagio~ Steve Wynn got it right when he created and opened this monster in 1995.
2) THEhotel @ Mandalay Bay~ Largest standard rooms on the strip and good deals abound.

3) The Venetian~ Expensive, but nice for a special occasion. While i'm not keen on all the design in the hotel, they do put together a beautiful & functional room.
4) Golden Nugget~ The shining light in downtown Vegas. Redone and revamped.
5) Monte Carlo~ Jacuzzi rooms are spacious and can be had for a song... Good deals.

HONORABLE MENTION: Wynn Resort~ Not open until April 2005, this new resort will surely put Steve Wynn back in the game and sitting on top. It's being billed as a business traveler's hotel and is totally without a theme. To quote Wynn: "Themes are dead"

ENTERTAINMENT IN VEGAS (in no particular order):

1) Gladys Knight~ Nothing's changed talentwise over her many years in showbiz, with her still putting on one helluva show at the Flamingo. An amazing night of entertainment.
2) O~ As in, 'O that's one expensive show...' Worth the ticket price. Best Cirque in Vegas.
3) Zumanity~ Not for everyone, but one of my favorites. It's off-the-cuff, off-color and everything that adult Vegas stands for.
4) Blue Man Group~ Creative. Wacky. Magical. It's moving to the Venetian in 2005, so catch it while you can at Luxor.
5) Forbidden Vegas~ If you're a fan of the Broadway versions, you'll love this satirical look at Vegas entertainment and lifestyle at the Westin.

HONORABLE MENTION: Mamma Mia~ A guilty pleasure indeed! It's the only show that really does get over 1k people out of their seats and dancing in the aisles.

DINING IN VEGAS (again, no particular order):

1) CraftSteak @ MGM Grand~ Like steak? This is the place. Unfussy menu, casual environment and a solid menu of meat & potatoes.
2) Commander's Palace @ The Aladdin~ Just like it's siblings, this amazing creole creation is tops. The nightly tasting menu is highly recommended. Come VERY hungry.
3) Noodles @ Bellagio~ Open until 4am and a good, solid noodle house. Interesting atmosphere and everything is always fresh and piping hot.
4) Fix @ Bellagio~ Brand-new and serving comfort foods with a twist. Extremely interesting design in the dining room and the new hot-spot for Vegas eating. Great service.
5) Spice Buffet @ The Aladdin~ Best buffet on the strip IMO. Inexpensive, fast service and HUGE selection of foods from around the globe. Sundays are prime with their champagne brunch. A bit more expensive, but worth the splurge.

HONORABLE MENTION: In&Out Burger~ When i'm in the mood to be really bad, this is the place you'll find me. Now if i could only get SteamWorks in Chicago to install an In&Out, i could really be bad ;) lol.

I had the chance to catch a preview of KA at the MGM Grand (Cirque's new show on the strip) and wasn't really bowled over, as others said i would be. After seeing the stale show, i read up on local reviews of the show in Vegas for their take and surprisingly, they too didn't seem really impressed with what they saw.

Yes, it's a BIG show. Big effects, good use of technology and decent costuming. KA is billed as the first Cirque show with a followable plot. It's origins look distinctly Japanese, with both costuming and plot revolving around a set of twins (or is that twinks?), seperated and forced to fight their way against a greater evil. It's faintly reminiscent of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. The only problem comes in trying to follow everything that's going on. With no intelligable speaking in the show, there are many 'speed bumps' in understanding the plot and how it relates to what's happening on stage. It needs to be tightened up a bit before people will actually feel for the characters they're presented.

Speaking of the stage, the show is mostly done on floating platforms, with the performers flying about most of the show. The theatre itself is impressively redone from the old EFX Theatre it once was. It's a cavernous stage with awesome fire effects and some impressive pyro. Technically, the show is a gem. Emotionally, it's dullsville. At $150 a ticket, Cirque needs to make some changes quickly, as people won't sit around at a crappy show at those prices for long. The night i went, the house was only about 1/2 full. Maybe Vegas has finally outpriced their shows the same way Broadway has... It's really unfortunate.

On the flipside, i did catch a preview of 'Forbidden Vegas' (pictured above) at the Westin. It was GREAT! The premise behind the show is a musical review that roasts all of the other shows in Vegas. It's witty, fast, funny and very timely. The showroom its in is small (150 seats) and works well within the very intimate space. Great voices and perfect timing make this show a must-see for anyone who looks at Vegas with a skeptics eye. It's also a cheap show to see if you head to Tix4Tonight near the Harley Davidson Cafe...

And now, without further ado, this week's edition of EYE CANDY, brought to you by the wild mice of Key West and Skrubber in Philly:

These three images above are all from a photoset of a hottie named Patrick. Nice body on this guy and it's obvious he's enjoying getting rammed...

It's BACK! The WHACKOFF SITE OF THE WEEK award goes to This collection of home-grown hotties in both solo and duo action are the epitamy of all-american frat guys gone wild. With their pumped up pecs, washboard abs and ridgid rods, these boys serve as jack-off fodder for anyone with a heartbeat. A very well-designed site with some hot preview images.

(Have you been drinking or is this image really blurry?)

A new favorite site of mine: For all of you underwear junkies like me out there, this site offers some mondo deals on briefs and beyond. FYI, i just recieved a shipment of C-IN2 Briefs from them at a record low web price along with a very quick ship time.

Okay, i'm over and out for an early morning flight, so big thanks to everyone for once-again reading and welcome to those who've just found the fun. More to come in the near future and look for upcoming info on seeing Benjamin at HustlaBall 2005 in Las Vegas next month.


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