Friday, December 17, 2004

Where's Benjamin now? The Turks & Caicaos and headed for Key West on Friday...

The image above was just taken on Grace Bay Beach in the Turks: A pretty cool spot for those out there who are beach-lovers. I'm thinking (and someone correct me if i'm wrong) that Conde Nast Mag said Grace Bay Beach was one of their top 2 best beaches in the world. They're not far from the truth, as the water is a perfectly clear tourquoise and the sand clean as a whistle. It's still somewhat of a secluded island getaway that hasn't yet seen the expansion of say, Cancun or even Cabo San Lucas. For now, it's rather desolate and a great getaway from life in general.

Here's a few other shots from the trip. Enjoy :)

I've also posted additional images from the trip on my YAHOO GROUPS site. If you're already signed up, then you're in-the-know, but if not, it's a another fast & free way to keep up with what's cooking in the world of BN. Be afraid... Be very afraid. *wink*

Something new and exciting in my world comes in the form of joining RentBoy and Jeff Sanker in this year's HustlaBall 2005 in Las Vegas. Fellow escort Brandon Baker is among the ranks of performers at the event as well. The event looks to be an interesting evening of debachle and fun at Vegas's newest gay nightspot Krave, with a very sexy afterparty at Gypsy. I can promise you guys lots of photos and pillowtalk, so stay tuned in early Janruary for additional HustlaBall news to hit the blog in a very big way.

Recently, i had a chance to work with fellow San Antonio escort David Andreyes for an overnight and found myself pretty well bowled-over at not only his professionalism, but his outlook on life beyond escorting. While it has happened, it's rare to find such a young escort with more on his mind than just his next-day schedule. While it wasn't a love connection, it was meeting someone new and someone who i see as a VERY good escort. He's definitely got what it takes to stick around this industry for awhile to cum... er, come.

Anyway, so last week i mentioned the good-looking guy i met in Vegas, and this week comes the image from the trusty cameraphone. A week later, i still think he's hot:

Yep, i'm a helpless nerd when picture time comes around. Guilty as charged :)

What's Benjamin watching lately on DVD? Glad you asked! Move over Roper & Ebert, as my patented 'two-cocks-up' rating goes to comedians Ron White and Kathy Griffin for their recent DVD stand-up releases. While comics like Margaret Cho has become political, bitter and anything-but-witty, Ron 'Tater Salad' White is a nice change for those who are into cynical, but smart, senses of humor. Kathy Griffin (aka, the queen of D-list celebs) also has a new standup DVD out in which she takes apart just about every Hollywood A-list name out there. If you've ever wanted to bitchslap someone like Gwyenneth Paltrow, then Griffin's act is tailor-made for you. Both DVD's are laugh-out-loud funny.

A big thanks to Skrubber in Philly and MightyMouse in Key West for this week's contribution to EYE CANDY! ... And away we go:

WHEW! I just couldn't narrow it down this week, so i posted as much as i could :) Sorry to those with slow computers, but trust in the payoff of screen-hotties is well worth the wait. Also, another big thanks to for their weekly contributions to the blog as well. They are currently celebrating their one-year anniversary and giving away MOUNDS of free porn, both in site memberships and DVD's. Check out their site for info on how to walk away with one of hundereds of free giveaways...

While it's not technically porn, it is a great refference for free images of hot guys in various states of undress. WHOOHOO! It's and it's been one of my favorite sites lately. I have even done the deed and created a profile in hopes of being seen by some power-player Hollywood producer and then being cast in the lush (and i mean L-U-S-H) remake of 'Mommy Dearest.' I don't have the brows to out-do Faye Dunaway, but i could imagine sitting in the boardroom somewhere during the chuckle-inducing 'Don't Fuck with me Fellas!!!' speech. Hmmm. In any event, is a fun site to browse. Added, it's FREE!

Hollister is the new Abercrmobie. Random, but crucial. H&M would be the new everything, but hell if they aren't spread across the USA yet...

Since i've actually been on the road so much lately, i've been pretty inept at finding new free whackoff sites to mention here on 15 Minutes. I'm always open to suggestion, so if any of you chronic masterbators have anything to add, keep in mind that I'M LISTENING. Feel free to shoot me something (that is, AFTER you wash your hands) and let me know what's hot and what's not. Free is the key and pop-ups are NOT cool.

FYI~ Fridays are the new Sunday for 15 Minutes! Look for the newest blogs to post every Friday from now on. If you're looking to get something into the weekly mix, make sure to send it in before Wednesday if possible. I'm always open to some EYE CANDY, freebie sites to feature, hot topics or blind items to share. I'm also looking to crown the 'Top 5 Escorts of 2004' here on 15 Minutes before the new year is here, so keep an open-mind and the email coming.

One more thing before i blow outta here: The blog celebrated it's one-year birthday on December 5th. WHOOHOO! Already a year and we've grown SO much. Thanks to everyone who keeps this wheel turning, as it's been amazingly fun to have a public forum to entertain & keep people coming back. It's honestly just as addictive to write as it is to read :)

Until next week...


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