Friday, January 14, 2005

HustlaBall 2005 Images...

There are more coming. I'm working my fingers to the bone to get this pussy on the table. Bare... er, bear with me :)

Me, the very beautiful Sierra Andrews (MC of HB) and David (a pal).

The Three Amigos: Brandon(Baker), Benjamin (Nicholas) & Bobby(Lane). These two guys were the highlight of the party for me. Shagadelic in every way possible.

Michael Brandon making Pete Ross lick clean the clear dildo that was previously exploring Ross's nether-regions. Public sex acts, while a big no-no in Vegas lawbooks, served as a great surprise for HB2005. YEE-HAW!

Me, Dave and Frank Marino (of 'La Cage' fame at the Riviera) talking about duct tape and the effects of such on the human male genitalia. OUCH!

Dave and Sister Unity Divine. The sister was 'promulgating universal joy' that evening by the heaping spoonfull...

I plan on posting additional images as i get them, but thanks for staying tuned. Another big thanks for featuring myself in their very popular gay-blog section as of late, Bobby Lane for shooting me a spiffy VM (which i promise i will someday return. Argh!) and Tom Weise for his hospitality throughout. ChiChi LaRue, you won't be forgotten. Sierra & Jason: You two rock and are both stunningly beautiful creatures. Brandon Baker: I owe you a full drink the next time we're both in New Orleans. Michael Brandon: You're still the nicest guy in the business.

Thanks to for also providing this link to additional HB 2005 pics. Enjoy em' and make sure to check out the muscle-boy with the everyready hard cock. WHEW!

Okay fellow bloggianians, i'm outta here. For past blogs and other happy thoughts, why not check out my past columns in the archives. Look left and click on the various posted dates. Until next time folks, this is me signing out...


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