Thursday, March 10, 2005

Location: Key West, FL

There's something inherently naughty about the above image. I took it today with my phone cam and noticed that it's blocking out my eyes, which makes it look like some sort of gay Witness Relocation Program pic. I was sort of jazzed though that the image came out so decently from my crap-ass little cameraphone. If you're wondering which phone, it's the Motorola V710.

I'm spending the weekend with fellow escort Bobby Thompson from LA here in Key West. It looks like it's going to shape up to be quite an adventurous time and details will surely follow in the coming blog as to WHAT happens. I have 'worked' with Bobby before and let me tell you: He's like a little tripod with what he's got hanging between his legs. Added, he's got polish, which makes him even more attractive to me. It's going to be a fun weekend :)

I got an interesting email from an aquaintance containing personally taken images of a certain well-known porn star who's now escorting. I promised i wouldn't post the pics. While i will stick to that promise, i will say that this fella's studio is known worldwide for their attention to detail and their picture-perfect European models. This particular model is quite 'American' looking, with velvet smooth skin, perfect pecs and a moptop of blonde hair. Argh: The suspense of not posting these images is killing me!!! He's SUCH a hot guy.

I decided to step into the 21st century and get an iPod Mini (it's green). It arrived the other day and i'm still not sure how to even charge the damned thing. I feel like such a geriatric. I suppose i'll need to find some 12 year old to teach me how to use it and then all will be right with the world. I plan on transfering some of my CD collection onto it, so i can veg out during overseas flights and bop along to The White Album. I've also been told that i need to replace the factory included headphones. I was looking at getting the new Bose II's, but at $300 it's a real splurge for me. I'm not sure i'm going to do that, as Brookstone has their own rip-off brand for $100 less and they seem to function the same. Decisions, decisions...

A big ol' THANKS to Mister Brandon Baker (aka, Big B) for including me on his newly redesigned 'RentBoy Confidential' site. He's got links to a past interview i did with him, which was quite fun to do and touched on how i got into this industry, how i see things (... strangely) and advice to up & coming escorts out there. He's also included my blog as a feature! WHOOHOO! I appreciate it Big B and we here at 15 Minutes want to say 'spank you' for making us feel so darned special. Oh yea B... One more thing: I stole a pic from your own blog for this week's EYE CANDY. Thanks for your unending contributions, both known and unknown ;) lol.


So, i'm seeing someone new not too long ago here in San Antonio for an overnight. This guy couldn't have been more than 35. Good-looking. Well built. Looks like a total frat guy and has the swagger to match. I figured i was going to end up on my hands and knees...

Much to my surprise, he wants to explore the local bathhouse scene and have me serve as his 'teacher' in anything not vanilla. Interesting. We tramped over to one of the local establishments (called the 'ACI'), got a decent sized room and donned the ceremonial towels to parade around the joint. Business was slow that night, but i don't think he was into messing with other people as much as he wanted to simply 'perform' in front of others. Ah, cool... an exhibitionist! Now we're talking. Totally my scene. After watching some horribly bad porn, we wandered into the steamroom, alone and dropped the towels. This was the first time i had seen this guy's schlong in a state of errection: It was huge and thick. A total beer bottle. Was i beginning to sweat from the steam or from the thought of having to fit that monster into my cornhole? Good question.

We ended up giving some mutual blowjobs in the steamroom (and then in the gloryhole section of the joint) and i went nuts on his nuts. In what was a pretty hot moment, he ended up cumming on my face while i shot my load from below, hitting his upper chest and chin. What can i say... I have good distance ;) lol. Ultimately, his first bathhouse experience was relaxed, but fun. I told him i'd treat him to Steamworks in Chicago sometime. Now that's a bathhouse.

Well, now that i've gotten things hot and bothered, let's segway into this week's EYE CANDY. 15 Minutes reminds our readers to think when they spunk and use good-quality lube at the keyboard. KY is only for doctor's use. Think Eros.

This week's free WHACKOFF OF THE WEEK is dedicated to HooBoy's Male4Malescort Review site. I know i've given this site credit in the past, but now that its creator is gone, i think it deserves another look. Not only for those looking for rentboys, this site is FILLED with free hot images of guys-for-rent around the world... me included ;) Look to the reviews for some hot talk or head into the Message Center for hand-to-hand combat in a variety of subjects from GOP politics to the best male strip clubs around the world. Heck, there might even be a topic that involves both. Y'never know around there.

I'm cutting this blog short, as it's been a long week, but not much interesting to share. I promised myself i wouldn't drag the blog into some somber deathmarch and i've kept things rolling along pretty well under the circumstances. I appreciate and thank anyone out there who emailed in their condolences: They mean quite a bit to me. It's absolutely amazing how many nice people there are out there. I'm very, very lucky. Thank you.

These boots are made for walkin'....


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