Monday, March 21, 2005

An eagle-eyed reader sent in this eye candyish image to me earlier this week and damned if it didn't turn me on... I just had to share it. No iff's, and's or dick's ;)

I'm a bit indisposed this week, so i'm relegating my blogging duties to Tuesday evening when i return home to San Antonio from a very long week away. I've got lots to fill you in on, from a misstep weekend in Key West (my fault, argh!) to answering the age-old question of why the hell doesn't Donald Trump's new wife ever smile in a picture. I swear to God she looks constipated in every damned image she's in... Would it kill her to show some teeth?

The bitch is worth like 1 billion now? Smile woman... You're stinking rich. Take solace in knowing we all feel your pain for having to get laid by the likes of The Donald. If Ivana could give the guy a few kids, the least you could do is let a few 'mercy handjobs' slip out every now and then.

Okay. My Trump Rant is over... Back to scheduled programming. I plan on posting something new this Tuesday evening and again this Friday as usual. I'm not sure how i'm working the eye candy on the Friday posting, as i think i'll be on a cruise ship somewhere in the USVI's.

*shrugs* I'll find a way.

Thanks for your patience. Keep those eyes peeled. Adios mi amigos.


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