Saturday, August 06, 2005

He must be stopped...

It feels a little strange writing this.

It’s gone long enough without a blog, that it feel really weird sitting here at the keyboard and wondering what I’m going to write. Do you really want to hear about my extended-stay in the hospital (probably not), how frightening my head nurse was (very) or that I actually found some facets of daytime TV that were enjoyable (Judge Judy... Yes. The View... No). I think I’ll play it safe and stick to the impending future... Much easier that way.

Exciting news for me this week was that both and the OutinAmerica websites are taking on my blog as one of their weekly columns. While happy about this, I also know it’ll bring in a whole new crop of eyes waiting to be entertained. It’s a little intimidating knowing that people are counting on something new and shiny every week. It’s also thrilling. I love the fact that I get so much positive feedback from something that gives me so much pleasure to produce.

I am aware however that not everyone embraces 15 Minutes (duh) and some have even gone as far as to bash it at every chance they get. What’s ironic is that they return, week after week, filling their gaping maw with my sentences and going back to their cubby hole to scrutinize every word with their friends.

Does it bother me much? Nah. See, it’s always good to have some hate to balance out the love. It makes things more interesting. I see them as nothing more than character foils. They yell and dance, but don’t quite realize that I’m still the one pulling the strings.

So anyway, the last edition was all about Belize and how smashing it was. I still can’t get over how blue the water is over there. San Pedro was a slice of heaven. Much like Rio, the most expensive thing in Belize seems to be getting there. Once you’re down, eating and finding your way around is inexpensive and a relative bargain compared to other resort destinations. Just remember that getting to all of the beautiful islands of Belize will require taking a small hopper plane from Belize City. The flight to San Pedro is only about 15 minutes (if that).

I had some new images taken over the weekend. For one, I decided to shave my head and go platinum for the summer. Secondly, I lost some weight while I was in the hospital, so I thought I’d take some shots to let everyone see I’m alive and well. I lost no muscle, but dropped about 5-6 lbs of bodyfat. WHOOHOO! While I don’t condone not eating as a diet, I will say dropping this weight now allows me a washboard stomach. This reminds me of a line from one of my favorite movies....

Mono was like the best diet ever!

Oh yea, here are those new pictures. I’ve got a memory coated in Teflon sometimes:

It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten into gossip, so here’s the latest and greatest trash-talk I could get my grubby little hands on. Told first-person and here on 15 Minutes:

"Last night (August 3rd) my friends and I went to the 30 Seconds to Mars concert at Irving Plaza. After 25 minutes of painfully bad music we fled the venue and decided to start the night out at the dive bar next door, Bar 119 I believe. Much to our surprise, Jared Leto was standing outside the bar talking to a very done-up Lindsay Lohan. Jared was about 5’8" by the way and in eye liner and black bondage attire, his feeble attempt at being goth. Lindsay twittered off and Jared went into the bar. Of course about 20 minutes later Lindsay showed up and proceeded to sit about 1 foot away from Jared but never speak to him. Jared left the bar and Lindsay followed 20 minutes later. She seemed extremely coked up and was bouncing around the room and shaking like a cold chihuahua, and she was also very chummy with Jared’s band members. My favorite quote of the night was from Jared’s security guard outside of Jared’s tour bus "We need to get these fucking people out of here, I mean I’ve got equipment coming out on this side and Lindsay Lohan on the other, what the fuck."

This next gem is from the very pages of Page Six... How I love them:

A carnal catfight has broken out between two Manhattan-based gay porn companies: Actor/director Michael Lucas, head honcho of Lucas Distribution, is threatening to sue upstart smuthouse Dark Alley Media after his VP of sales, James Ianantouni, jumped ship to the fledgling flesh peddlers. Lucas — who recently released an erotic remake of "Dangerous Liaisons" featuring non-sex cameos by Boy George, RuPaul and Michael Musto — claims Ianantouni has been tapping his company's customer base and sales contacts. "I will not be satisfied until they shut their doors," Lucas sniffed of Dark Alley. "They are not going to steal my business." Dark Alley president and porn star Owen Hawk fired off an e-mail to friends denying Lucas' claims. "Many of you know I have worked for Michael three times, in 'Auditions,' 'Dangerous Liaisons,' and, most recently, in 'Fire Island Cruising 7,' " Hawk writes. "It is deeply upsetting to me that Michael, who runs a very large and successful company, is utilizing his vast resources to attack my start- up, home- based business . . . I assure you that we will not run and hide, or allow ourselves to be bullied by a bigger schoolboy."

WHICH newly humiliated actress is not so innocent herself? We hear that while visiting her cheating man on a movie set, she hooked up with his married co-star during an all-night cocaine binge . . .

WHICH tomcatting boy-bander has been quietly paying child support for a little bundle of joy that he had outside any of his highly publicized relationships?

WHICH newlywed husband of a TV personality dropped her off at an award show, then went on a tour of gay bars in L.A.? What he didn’t realize was that the limo driver had to keep a list of every stop — and that when network execs got the limo bill, the list "looked like a Yellow Page ad of gay bars…"

THIS one-time boytoy and go-go god is now signed exclusively with a bareback vid distributor. While that’s nothing groundbreaking, it’s been seen and heard that his daily ‘supplement’ routine is nothing short of astounding. Look a little further and you’ll find it’s nothing more than an open and smut case...

WHAT iconic fashion designer was AGAIN seen in the saunas of Rio, but this time dressed to the nines in his very best drag? The doorman at Pointe 202 called the enchantress ‘Trixie,’ but sharper eyes knew this femme fatale as the founding father of half-naked models.

WHICH politico with close ties to the White House is currently boffing boy butt on not one, but both coasts? Seems he doesn’t enjoy meeting for meat anywhere near his home state, so he’s sticking to LA and Florida for now.

A couple of additions to '15s Fifteen.' Big thanks to those who emailed with their own creations...

Just because your tattoo has Chinese characters in it doesn't make you spiritual. It's right above the crack of your ass. And it translates to "beef with broccoli." The last time you did anything spiritual, you were praying to God you weren't pregnant. You're not spiritual. You're just high.

England doesn't have to go out of its way to get gays in its navy. The British Navy is planning a special recruiting drive, including ads in gay men's magazines. "Ahoy!" You're the British Navy. If you're any gayer, you'd be in the White House Press Corps.

If you were surprised that Ashlee Simpson was lip synching, you aren't allowed to vote. Not knowing that mechanically-generated tween-agers lip synch is like believing your stripper's real name is Chris Cumshot.

While I haven’t really been up to much in the past couple of weeks, I am getting back on-track tomorrow when I head for Miami. The rest of the month will take me to Vegas, Memphis, Calgary, Mexico City and Toronto. I’m psyched about Vegas because a friend of mine (who’s currently got a contract with Cirque’s Zumanity) is meeting up with me and we’re headed out to a cast party at the MGM. I can only pray for two things:

1) The guys at the party all take off their shirts
2) They let me take pictures

It's like they're using Celine to exfoliate...

I don’t ask for much. Just hot, sweaty guys and their shirtless torsos. *grin*

This week’s EYE CANDY couldn’t get anymore shirtless and sweaty. Take a gander from the mounds of man-flesh we’re peddling. I’m making this edition of the EC extra long, as it’s been awhile since I’ve posted up.

As always, look for the unedited eye candy going up weekly on my yahoo group along with interactive polls, message board and the newest pics of me and where I’ve been hanging out.

I’ll be posting up again on Friday, so thanks for tuning in this week and keeping the 15 going. Look forward to a new site for 15 Minutes coming soon, featuring various writers, galleries, live webcam, chat functions, auctions and more. It’s gonna be cool.

One more thing: I'm addicted to Lisa Kudrow's new HBO series 'The Comeback.' It's really intelligent and a fantastic character for Kudrow to add to her already impressive resume. If you've got HBO, check it out. I'm pretty sure it's also 'On-Demand' for those with that capability...

"Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds" – Einstein

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