Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Isn’t it amazing how much time you can waste on

It’s like playing the telephone game, going through friends, the friends of your friends and then finding out that we’re all connected in some strange incestuous way. As I’m sitting here in Houston, delayed to New York due to weather, I’ve been exploring every nook and cranny of this site with glee. It’s never felt so good to be this unproductive...

After seeing a screening of the movie-musical Rent a few weeks ago, I decided to go out and buy the soundtrack. I was never a huge fan of the original show, but most of my friends at the time were serious ‘RentHeads’ (aka, the people who put the ‘fan’ in ‘fanatical’), so I learned the words pretty quickly from hearing it on a seemingly endless loop. The only real change in this movie cast is the addition of actress Rosario Dawson as Mimi.

Luckily, they didn’t use the soundtrack CD’s as the final version for the film. The cd sounds weak, with most of the original cast just sleepwalking through their roles. Dawson as Mimi is a nice addition to the lineup, who sports a sexy growl and a surprisingly good singing voice. I would have liked to hear her more clearly (as the background tracks tended to overpower her at times), but overall, she was every bit as good as her Broadway counterpart.

Not that blogging doesn’t satisfy my need to write, but since there’s little form to what or how I say things, I sometimes miss writing with definite structure. I spent years writing for various publications in and around San Antonio, along with editing my university paper. Putting pen-to-paper (or more literally finger-to-keyboard) is something that sticks with you. The thrill of writing is unmatched. That being said, I’m taking independent writing gigs with two major newspapers in San Antonio. I got my confirmation this morning and I’m really excited to get back into the swing of things. One publication will allow me a little more of a liberal streak, while the other is features writing plain and simple. The pay is shit, but that’s not what I wanted from this. It’s the experience and the chance to sharpen my skills and get another chance at a by-line. WHOOHOO!

Sitting in Continental’s lounge while waiting for this flight has been an interesting event. I usually pick a corner cubicle to get myself set up in, as it allows me to take advantage of CO’s free wireless access while still having some privacy to surf where I want to surf. The fella on his cell next to me, speaking in volumes loud enough to almost permit usage of two cans and some string, is overtly spilling the beans to a business associate about his extra-marital affairs. He’s also seemingly the CEO of a well-known Fortune 500 internet company.

As much as we’d like to think that we don’t listen to other people’s conversations inadvertently, we do. In a world where technology rules supreme, it still surprises me how inconsiderate people can be with their various gadgets. How tough can it be to turn it off for a little while? The best excuse an airplane can give someone is a few hours of peace and quiet: The ability to shut down, pick up a book and learn from something that doesn’t have a hyperlink attached.

Cell phones on commercial airliners? It’ll never happen. Mark my words :)

Current New York escort Rick Munroe (with his partner Derek Ross) recently sent me an angry email regarding last week’s blind item about an HIV-positive escort tag-team and wanted me to clarify things a bit more. The guys I mentioned are FORMER in every sense of the word, which very clearly puts Rick and Derek out of the running. Enough said on that, as it’s already a dead horse that’s been beaten repeatedly.

Does getting excited over Oxyclean’s new formula (OxyFree for those interested) make me strange? I’ve got this small obsession with doing laundry and whenever a new detergent is marketed, I’m on top of it like Kathleen Turner drinking a highball. There’s something so simple, yet incredibly productive about washing clothes. They go in dirty. They come out clean.

Tide HE literally changed my life. I’m not kidding here. Sad, but true.

I got these strange spots on my clothes from regular detergent and then switched to Tide’s high efficiency formula. It’s a finer powder, so it dissolves more quickly. Life hasn’t been the same since. If Kathy Rigby switched from hawking tampons to selling laundry detergent, I’d be sound as a pound. Isn’t it about time for a celebrity endorsement of cleaning products? Cher sold hair care and Jessica Simpson is screeching over Proactiv acne products. Joan Collins would have done wonders for the company selling Comet cleanser...

Yes, it’s more psychotic than an MTV video, but the editing in the new film Domino is spectacular. They not only layer the visuals with outstanding filters (making most of the film look like the inside of Cher’s vagina), but also take the sound into a whole other reality by re-tweaking it for a good (if not trippy) surround effect. The title character is played with kick-ass panache by Kiera Knightley, while a cameo cast rounds out the rest of the action. With something blowing up, being fucked or being beaten every five seconds, this is one movie that might overwhelm the audience the same way Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers did. It’s a guilty pleasure for sure, but a fun ride none the less.

New York was New York. I don’t say that as a bad thing, but it’s a city that can’t be described in a sentence, so it’s best to just leave well enough alone. I had some good times, some good bagels (with liverwurst, which is a real bitch to find in San Antonio) and got to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s new film, Capote. God bless Angelika Theaters.

GREAT movie. He’ll be Oscar-nominated. Not a hint of caricature in his performance. He was Truman Capote. For those who enjoyed In Cold Blood, this film is a detailed glance into how it was created and the logic (and Capote’s unnerving drive) behind it. I’m not sure when it’s hitting theaters nationwide, but if it’s in your area, I highly recommend seeing this. It’s also a hit if you’re a Catherine Keener fan as well. She’s (as usual) fantastic as Truman’s second-in-command.

I just got these extra pics from my last trip to Chicago. Wanted to post them up. It’s true: I do turn into a 12 year old geek when I’ve got a camera on me...

I don’t like that whenever I pick up something to eat I instinctively turn around the package and look at the fat, sugar and calorie contents. It might be a good habit, but it takes some of the fun out of eating. While I don’t care too much about calories, I do watch my sugar intake hardcore. I also try to limit fat grams. This all being said, I get a cheat day once a week and can then indulge in my obsession with ice cream. I can eat it like a truck driver. Double-fisted.

In the late ‘90s, I single-handedly kept Ben & Jerry’s profitable from my love affair with Cherry Garcia.

Dairy products aside, it’s time for this week’s Eye Candy. Enjoy the selection below and another big thanks to Candy Slut in Key West for the mouth-watering assortment.


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