Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I have a confession to make. I’m not proud of it, but I think it needs to be said...

I’m a subscriber to US Magazine. There, I said it. I feel cleansed. The mental baggage I’ve been carrying with me knowing that Ashlee Simpson is banging her guitarist, while her older sis flops on marriage numero uno is just too much to handle. My breaking point came with this week’s issue, in which US slobbers over Brad Pitt and Angie Jolie’s adopted children... again.

Who gives a flip-fuck about Jolie (and her politics) anymore? At first it was novel that she did so much humanitarian work for other countries, showing up in Africa and India at the drop of a hat. She’s even got a cute little mo-hawked tyke (well, two now) she adopted from Cambodia. In all of this, she’s also found time to homewreck a marriage and make it perfectly clear that helping doesn’t always start at home.

But she’s beautiful, so we let her get away with it. ~uncomfortable grin~

'Yes, they're my kids... All bought and paid for.'

By ‘starting at home’, I mean she’s consistently done her level best to put all of her star power and effort into staying AWAY from US issues. Wouldn’t it be nice to see her talk about the AIDS epidemic in the states or Katrina victims without homes? Hell, let’s not stop there... There are MANY foster children right here in the USA who need good homes. Why head all the way to Cambodia for your kids? The United States may be a superpower, but that’s no reason to discount the fact that helping should start with number one. It’s much too easy to go to a foreign nation, get some snapshots amongst the poor and suddenly compare yourself to Audrey Hepburn. Bono, are you listening?

'Angie, don't make me put my Kent King on your eyeball...'

Okay. I feel totally purged now. Thanks for listening.

Last week I had mentioned putting some of my workout routine in upcoming editions of 15 Minutes and got a terrific email response. Thanks to everyone who wrote in and supported the idea, along with lending their own suggestions.

Keep in mind that all of this advice comes from someone who learned through trial-and-error, fellow weight lifters and friends who are certified trainers. I am not licenced in any way, so if you have any pre-existing conditions, I suggest chatting with the Doc before you go off and get all Schwarznegger on me. That being said, also know that even though they are considered over-the-counter supplements, they can still do serious damage if not used properly. Read and follow the directions. People have died from doing less.

I’m usually in the gym 4-5x a week, doing cardio every other day and abs twice a week. Most guys are killing themselves for a washboard stomach everyday, but truth-be-told, it’s not crunches that give you a shredded look: It’s cardio and a low bodyfat percentage. Most people end up overtraining their abs, while still having a thin (or thick) layer of fat over them. You end up with an even poochier stomach, as the muscle underneath is getting stronger and bloating out the remaining fat. Only through cardio and a healthy diet will someone (unless they’re a genetic freak) get a flat, washboard stomach. A good rule of thumb for getting visible abdominals is getting down to about 7-9% bodyfat. Anything less than that though can be dangerous.

My supplement routine isn’t too complex, but for me, it’s seems to be a perfect combo:

V-12 Turbo (Pre-workout Creatine/NO2 powder)... Muscle pump, energy and building
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)... All-natural, stimulant-free bodyfat regulator
Isopure (Amazing protein supplement)... Mixes almost to a water-like consistency.
Cellumass (Post-workout creatine/glutamine powder)... Rebuilding and recovery.

All of these can be found on A GREAT resource for reading up on supplements. Their message boards also provide some good real-life reviews of what’s out there.

On top of this, I try to eat 6-7 small meals a day, all while taking in about 150-190 grams of protein a day. It’s tough to do sometimes, but is ultimately great for keeping and building muscle. Sleep is imperative to building muscle as well. Getting 7-8 hours a night should be mandatory for those looking to keep not only a healthy body, but a buff one as well. Currently in the gym, I’m doing a combo of supersets and superslow, all in hopes of keeping on lean, defined muscle. I’m not the biggest fan of cardio, so I tend to move quickly in the weight room to keep my heart rate up. I’ll probably cycle into gaining some mass in the coming month, but for now I’m really happy with how tight my body is.

My stats: 6'3", 195lbs, 32w, 9% bodyfat.

I’d like to hit 200 lbs around mid-January. I’ll be posting some workout images, along with routines in future columns. This was basically just an intro to things. If anyone has specific questions, you can always email me and I’ll get back to you. Also, if you have a recommendation on supplements or a success story, feel free to let me know. I’d love to share the info here to help others.

I’m a little groggy this week from spending so much time in the air. A combo of Las Vegas and currently Hong Kong is whacking out my body clock. Yes, it might have been from that late-night karaoke party I went to last night, but methinks it was less the sound of Huey Lewis being butchered and more that I’m still on Texas time. I think it’s going to be an Ambien kind of night...

Las Vegas was groovy. Caught the new show at Wynn (Ave Q) and it was fantastic. The theatre is beautifully designed and the production seemed to be well-received by the standing ovation it got at the curtain call. It’s smart, it’s irreverent and it seemed to have quite a gay following. If you’re wanting to see it, I recommend seeing it soon, as the original Broadway leads are only signed to the Vegas company for another month or so.

Yes, he was actually wearing a shirt at the party...

We crashed the Jesse Metcalf ‘Desperate Housewives’ birthday bash at Pure in Caesars Palace. It was swarming with photogs, US magazine interns and NBA basketball players whom I’ve never heard of. Eva Longoria was, admittedly, looking pretty foxy. The rest of the housewives kept a low profile and an even lower style-rating. Would someone please tell Teri Hatcher that her eye lift is quite visible when she doesn’t have her makeup artist blend her covergirl...

Holy schnikes! The spa at the Aladdin is cruise-central if you’re gay and looking for games. I spent some post-gym time sweating it out in their steamroom and watched more than a few guys give glances. It’s clothing optional, as they have an exclusive men’s locker room, so there were very few inhibitions. A well-built latin guy kept the place hot, walking around sans-towel and showing off his very well-hung (and thick) tool. He did his level best to entice, heading repeatedly into the steamroom, sitting spread eagle to show off his massive thighs and low-hanging balls. I would guess he was a solid 8-9 inches if hard. Quite a nice site, but alas, not the time or the place for me. I luckily had other plans.

Here’s some snapshots from recent trips. Nothing professional, but it's obviously what happens when you combine a late night with low lighting. Some might call them blurry... I prefer to call them, ahem, artsy.

Being seperated from my simian family at birth was tough...

While it’s not added yet, look for 15 Minutes to join the HookOnline website in the near future. Hook is an industry resource for not only escorts, but clients and onlookers as well. I’ve been in talks with their editor to not only link the column, but to also write new content especially for the site and possibly do some seminar work for their new program in New York called RENT U. An interesting concept and sounds exciting. Check it out.

I’m back to messing with Mystic. MysticTan just got better...

A realization that I’ve become domestic: Downy just came out with Simple Pleasures fabric softener and it smells so good that I routinely use a sheet in my car to keep the freshness with me all day. I just can’t get enough of that lavender & vanilla scent.

Big thanks to V in NYC for hooking me up with my new Blackberry 8700c. I’m addicted!

RIP Radar Magazine: We hardly knew ye. A great magazine and a total shit that it didn’t catch on. It was like Details Magazine... but with a brain.

Is it me or is Michael now looking more like LaToya? I know I had made the Joan Crawford reference in an earlier blog, but this is now getting ridiculous. Well, at least neither of them is looking as bad as poor Janet...

And to think the world was once infactuated with this woman's tit

This week’s free Whackoff of the Week website goes to the spiffy new re-design of It’s easier to browse, with more free functionality and the hottest collection of images I’ve seen in awhile. This site has a nice collection of guys, but tends to feature beefy, muscular, more masculine looking men. Very hot. There’s nothing like watching two well-built guys go together. I give this second look at GayBeef a very rigid recommendation!

As always, here is this week’s Eye Candy:

... and to top things off, I found these SUPER HOT candid pics of resident hot guy Ryan Phillipe working out in nothing but some tiny running shorts. Enjoy and please try to contain yourself:


‘I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody’ – Bill Cosby

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