Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Al Lewis is dead.

‘Grandpa Munster’ and one-time political candidate died recently at the age of 95. Not only an actor, but a basketball scout, restauranteur and horror film convention staple as well. Was there anything this fella didn’t do? A renaissance man indeed, Lewis had a long-standing career in Hollywood and definitely scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid, watching reruns of The Munsters on NickAtNight. Here’s hoping he’s causing all sorts of eternal mischief with Fred Gwynn, another amazing (and taken away in his prime) character actor.

Before Photoshop
After Photoshop

With the Grammys just a day away, THE party to get an invite to is Madonnas’s shindig thrown by Moondance Productions. Yours truly is headed into the fray post-Grammys and will report anything scandalous that I can get my ears or eyes on. Look for a wrap-up report on next week’s 15 Minutes. With all the tabloid coverage of Madge’s sagging looks, it’ll be interesting to see how the ol’ gal looks in-person and glammed up for the cameras.

So, I gotta tell you something and I’m not going to sugarcoat this because it is what it is. Damn if I’m not getting tired of this overly-PC handicapped business. Don’t you think it’s gone far enough? See, I really am like you on a base level. Normally I would feel sympathetic for these people, but the first thing they tell you is that they don’t want sympathy. You ever hear that line? ‘I don’t want your sympathy!’ And I say, fine, bite me. No sympathy for you.

And by the way, if there are any handicapped people reading this column, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about the other handicapped people who never read this thing. So don’t get all excited and start rolling around causing trouble in your electric Rascal or whatever you’re driving these days. Calm down. I’m on your side. Embrace humor with tongue firmly planted-in-cheek.... You'll live longer.

Just to show my heart’s in the right place, I’m going to start out by mentioning a few of the positive things about the handicapped. First of all, the big blue parking spaces. This was a GREAT idea. I think most people would agree, those spaces come in mighty handy (which btw is where the word ‘handy-capped’ came from in the first place). They’re right near the entrance to the store or building, and I find that I can get in and out of the place in a hurry and complete my errands with a minimum of delay. A minute saved is a minute earned.

Yep, I’m also cool with those extra-large toilet stalls in public restrooms; once again, an excellent idea. There’s so much room in there to spread out. Hell, it’s like a small spa experience if you get one with a sink. I can do some pushups, work on my TaeBo and play a game of Twister. Occasionally, I bring a picnic lunch. Nothing fancy; just a small salad, a bit of cheese, perhaps a delicate Bordeaux. It truly is the best of both worlds inside of that little Formica cubicle. Bliss inside the bathroom.

I snapped some new webcam shots, which were posted on the YG the other evening, but wanted to share them here for any non-members. As a friend would say, it’s a ‘smattering’ of shots, some of which are aimed squarely for those have a slight foot fetish. *wink*

For all of my personal/travel images, join my always-open Yahoo Group by clicking here and following the new signup instructions. It’s free. Always has been, always will be. Join the some 2800 (and growing) other YG’ers to keep up with Benjamin’s whereabouts, unedited eye candy, interactive message board and polls.

I mentioned earlier about the passing of Al Lewis, but also let’s not forget the passing of Coretta Scott King. I came across an interesting perspective of her life courtesy of the Washington Post, which can be found HERE. The writer mentions Oprah ‘dragging’ her onto her show to give King a make-over some years back. Other news sources mention that although Oprah attended her funeral, at one point even physically caressing the dead woman’s body for cameras, that the two were not close friends. Some might call that ‘mugging’ for the press. Personally, I found this a pretty low tactic, even for Winfrey, who not more than 15 years ago had such upscale talk-show topics like ‘My Husband Sewed My Vagina Shut.’

I'm pretty sure a vagina can't fit under a sewing machine...

Now that’s REAL class. Oprah's showing her trailer park a bit, dont’cha think?

In any event, King will always be remembered as a progressive strength in the fight for equality. Her presence will be missed. She was a true guardian of the civil rights movement.

Okay, just got a txt message from an LA acquaintance who, for years, has been on the Hollywood inside, working as both a director and producer. Whether this piece of celeb gossip is true or not remains to be seen, but he tells me that former flames ‘Jack and Laura’ did their fair share of kink to keep the relationship fresh. Namely, it seems that Jack enjoyed... Get this... A very pink butthole.

Yep. He preferred his mud garden a brighter shade of puce. Uh, interesting.

To accommodate her partner, rumor has it that Laura CHEMICALLY STAINED her tush a brighter shade to keep the flames of passion burning bright. For this item, I claim no real knowledge of first-hand truth, but hell if it doesn’t make for an interesting laugh.

Filth2Go’s Billy Masters, a gossip-guru (and former sugardaddy to escort Anthony Holloway) in his own right, totally missed the boat regarding soccer stud David Beckham (‘Becks’ to those anywhere but the USA) and his supposed affiliation with Calvin Klein underwear. He’s actually in talks with AussieBum to shlep their new line of undies with built-in skin strengthening nutrients. His picture was recently featured in the NY Post, shirtless, and wearing a pair of these new briefs and unbuttoned jeans. Very hot indeed!
For a sneak peek at this new nutritional line of under-the-butt-nut-huts (‘Essence’ by AussieBum), click

GayBeef.com, one of my personal favorite website for free pics, has recently remodeled, renovated and made the site so much more whacktastic. Check them out when you’re feeling a bit randy and in the mood for some freebie vids and categorized images. It’s now easier than before to navigate. The only downside comes in the minimal pop-up windows. I only found a few on the entire front page, but they’re easily able to be closed and don’t get you into that never-ending purgatory cycle. Goodtimes.

Lush products light my fire. I’m currently using ‘Flying Fox’ in the shower (perfect for those who like the smell of fresh jasmine) and ‘I Love Juicy’ as shampoo to get my hair squeaky clean. The prices are a little high due to overseas shipping costs (they’re a UK-based company), but take solace in knowing they’re 100% natural, using fruit juices, flower extract and fresh ingredients to create some really unique product. Some of it is made so fresh that there are ‘USE BY’ labels on the bottle. Pretty cool, eh? Check it out

Undergear/International Male suddenly found taste (it must have been hiding under the couch somewhere) and are now coming out with fashionable underwear for normal guys and not just male strippers. Who’da thunk it? I got a recent catalog in the snailmail and ordered some rather hot looking Puma box-cuts, along with some new GinchGonch low-rises. That’s not to mention the VERY VERY VERY hot feature models they’re currently using as coverboys. Here’s a look at their newest scantily clad, erection-inducers:

HERE for Undergear’s website. HERE for International Male. Happy hunting!

Here goes this week’s EYE CANDY. I’m branching out, thanks in part to emailed responses and to my Key West Connection, and featuring a good amount of Asian guys this week. On a weekly basis from now on, I plan to feature a group of some sort, whether it be armpits, abs, ethnicity, hairy or smooth, kink, etc. Variety is the spice of life, right? As always, I’m Listening if you’re wanting to submit some of your own favorite images to the Eye Candy Collection...

Last, but definitely not in the least, I want to wish fellow countryman Bobby Thompson a fond farewell from the industry and much success on this new chapter of his life. I can’t imagine he won’t be successful in whatever he chooses to do. Bobby is more than just a bright cookie... He’s the total package. Auvior mon courtesan! For this special occasion alone I’ll be playing the Minute Waltz in thirty seconds. Chopin never sounded so... Er, rushed.


‘Ready tears are a sign of treachery, not of grief.’ — Publilius Syrus

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