Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just a quick note to let everyone know that i'm headed for the Bahamas today (Paradise Island), coming back on 2/27 and will then head back out to St Lucia the following day. This may make for some beautiful travel, but also very little time to get 15 Minutes finished and online. This week's entry will undoubtedly be late, probably going live on the evening of the 27th or afternoon of the 28th.

I appreciate everyone's patience and suggest, in the meantime, wasting time by gazing at all of the unedited EYE CANDY that's passed through my email box by joining my YAHOO GROUP. Just click the 'join' link on the top-left corner of this page. Easy as pie (and free too). Let me also add that the entire archive (and evolution) of 15 Minutes is available on the left-hand menu as well. Take some time to browse through my various postings, gossip items, travel menu and pics. Sometimes a stroll down memory lane can be fun :)

For those of you who emailed and let me know about the few tech glitches on, i thank you. My webmaster is working on it and should have things taken care of by the end of this evening.

Adios amigos! See you all for the next edition of the 15 next week...


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