Saturday, September 09, 2006

I had a swagtastic (see Wikipedia about that one) visit to New York during the MTV Video Music Awards (The VMA's) week, scoring some great new stuff from Diesel, along with enough personal care products to open up a day spa here in San Antonio. Move over LUSH... There’s a new skincare regime in town and it’s by Bliss. In addition to being the featured spa in all W Hotels worldwide, Bliss also makes some awesome take home product. My favorite product so far? I’m a sucker for the ‘Steep Clean’ line that regulates oil without over-drying. Great stuff.

Are you a Crackberry addict? This is your website: The HUB. Play safe.

In addition to the Rentboy nominations, I’ve also been informed that is up for a Cybersocket ‘Best Of’ web award. Very cool indeed and I’m simply stoked to be in such good company with Daddy’s Reviews and Tony Trapp’s The Male Nude. Congrats to all of the nominees! Lots of time, talent and effort in there.

UPDATE! Breaking news says that the NYC-version of the Erotic Expo has since been cancelled due to HX 'outgrowing the venue.' What does this mean for the show? So far, it may or may not happen, but rest assured that Rentboy is still planning an erotic event for handing out some trophies. For up-to-the-second info, i recommend looking at Brandon Baker's blog. He's the man with the scoop it seems.

This was the first year I’ve passed on going to Southern Decadence in New Orleans (aka, ‘the gay Mardi Gras’) and from report I got, it seems I didn’t miss much. Business-wise, it’s always good to see New Orleanians back on their feet (as Decadence was always a booming time for merchants in the Quarter), but ever since 2003, when the religious right scored favor with city council, the event just hasn’t been the same. Katrina was another blow (so to speak). I did sort of miss the antics of Shirley Q. Liquor, who always seems to come up with the best line of bullshit during ‘her’ show at the Pub. Sure, there’s always the lure of sex, drugs and rock-‘n’-roll, but all of it ends up as another coin in the risk jar. These days, I much prefer spending my free time doing something that doesn’t require me to think about how ‘cute’ I’d look doing it or if my abs could pop just a bit more.

I haven’t grown old. I’ve just grown up.

Last week in NYC, I also had a chance to see the Broadway company of Spelling Bee (which I’ve gone on about ad-nauseam here in the past). It’s always interesting seeing two different companies do the same show and catch the little nuances that the actors throw in to make that character their own. While the Chicago cast has much more acting talent (they are perfectly believable as children who are sometimes pushed too far), the Broadway cast is in much better voice and takes every opportunity to intricately harmonize. It seems that they cast actors with a strong belt for the New York production, although that didn’t make for a more emotional experience when seeing it. Admittedly, I end up crying every time I see the Chicago cast, as they really create some heart-wrenching moments (that are, overall, incredible).

Looks like the Connexion air phone service from Verizon Wireless has gone kaput. Connexion claimed bankrupcy last week, leaving airlines the task of taking their equipment out of planes and not yet offering a replacement. Unfortunately, this also puts the kibosh on the future of US-based wireless internet on flights, as Connexion was the pioneer of this technology. Argh.

I spoke too soon: Broadway in Vegas is dead. All shows are closing and the newest mega-musical to open, Phantom of the Opera, is seeing dismal sales. I say they rename it to ‘Phantom of the Oprah,’ cast the Chicagoan deity as the lead and just let her pump her fist in the air for a few hours while charging the crowd $200 a pop. There’d be a line around The Venetian for a chance to see this.

Aside from her royal hugeness, The Producers and Spamalot are now on permanent hold, making for some seriously empty showrooms and, yet again, proving that a Vegas crowd isn’t that interested in hearing a lyric soprano belt to the rafters unless she’s behind a blackjack table and throwing down a lengthy series of bust hands.

Item more addictive than crack: The new Bose III noise-cancelling headset. If you were put off by the bulk-factor of the old set, this new pair is incredibly light, easily foldable and cancels out sound better than the Series I or II. I also like that they come with a rechargeable battery that plugs directly into a wall outlet, making it easy to juice-up when you’re on the road. Sound quality is typical Bose: Deep lows, weak mids and a razor-sharp high. I’ve never been a big fan of Bose home theater systems (they have great marketing team and a sub-par, overpriced, product), but they do smaller items (i.e., headphones, clock radios, desktop sound systems) very well.

It’s funny what lengths people will go to when it comes to winning something. Case-in-point: The current Rentboy awards are still in the voting stage and one particular escort is doing his level best to spam the inboxes of THOUSANDS of guys in hopes of them putting him over the edge and into the winner’s circle. He’s been harvesting email addresses for years, all from potential clients, guys who simply want to chat, hangers-on and various acquaintances. A good idea in concept, but his main problem is that most of the guys he’s spamming haven’t even met him, don’t remember him or are angry over the repeated solicitations and ended up voting for someone else. Only time will tell if this particular fella snags his category... Stay tuned.

Yep, it’s old news and even older gossip, but I just had to post this pic (thanks to The Enquirer). Is anyone really shocked at this? I just hope Kelly Preston quits her day job as ‘permanent beard’ and finds herself a guy who can appreciate her bodacious knockers.

Yes. I said bodacious knockers. Watch the so-horrible-I-can’t-stop-watching-it film ‘View From the Top’ if you need breast confirmation on Preston. They’re HUGE.

So anyway... Here’s the pic:

'Pilot to co-pilot: We're going down in flames!'

First Mel Gibson and now Paris Hilton: Can’t anyone in Hollyweird stay sober? It looks like Ms. Hilton was detained by the LAPD for driving under the influence, after being given a breathalyzer (and subsequently failing it). I think the two of them should join forces and go on a goodwill tour, doing their level best to offend every sub-group and minority along the way while taking an MTV camera crew along to film the whole damn thing. Now that’s entertainment.

Please excuse me for a second. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

For those watching the MTV VMA’s on television this year, it was quite evident what Justin Timberlake was packing during his performance that night. Wearing an almost skintight pair of pants that outlined things quite well, Timberlake answered the age-old question about his manhood for millions of gay men everywhere. Take a look:

The Crotch Heard 'Round the World!

What previously unnamed escort, caught red-handed not informing his clientele about his HIV status (while also barebacking), still hasn’t learned his lesson? I’m getting pretty damned sick of hearing horror stories about this guy and if he happens to be reading, why not just break down and put your honest HIV status on all of your ads & reviews? How tough can that be? Grow a fucking set of balls and be a man, instead of some two-bit hooker who’s frightened about losing business. It’s time to step up to the plate.

Thanks to everyone for understanding last week’s glitch with the Eye Candy, but this week things are back to normal and we’re ready to roll. Enjoy the selection!

I’m also working on doing ‘theme’ EC postings, as long as I can get a steady stream of images that will work within the context. Currently, I’m looking for Brazilians, Asians, Germans (and Eastern Europeans), Puerto Ricans and Africans. The less all-American looking, the better. Shoot me an email if you can help and look for this new form of Eye Candy not only here, but on the InfoGroup as well.

15 Minutes would also like to send its deepest condolences to Anna Nicole Smith for the loss of her only son Daniel Wayne. He was an incredible guy and Anna worshipped the ground he walked on. May he rest in eternal peace... Daniel will be missed.

I’m headed out to New Orleans tomorrow and then to Rio for a week, but will find time to post up a new edition around the 15th. Thanks, always, for reading.

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