Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eek. The last post seems like eons ago. Sorry about that...

I'm just in from a weekend trip to Provincetown (my first time there). A great place now, but not so sure how long i'd hold up when you add another 40,000 people. Right now, it's just before the 'on' season and you can quietly walk the beach without being molested.

Granted, being molested isn't always a bad thing, but the whole tone of this past weekend was relax and recharge. No time for whips, chips, chains and dips.

A few recent emails have asked why i've been so quiet, both on various message centers and in my usual jovial email ways. It's not something calculated, but i've just been super busy with travel and haven't really had much time for the 'extras' on the web. Sure, the email is getting out, but everything else is pretty much on hold until i can stay stationary enough to get a complete sentence going. This month alone i've been traveling to almost two cities a week and most of them are international locations.

Summertime is a schedule-killer, but it's always fun. I should have a few free days coming up, so keep an eye out for more Eye Candy, as well as travelwraps on the half-dozen or so strange places i've been hanging out. If you haven't ever checked out the archive of this blog, click on the left-hand menu and thumb through. Always a fun way to kill some time while at work ;)

I guess in the longrun, i'd rather be busy and a little anti-social than completely open and overly involved. That's a little... annoying... after awhile.

If i've learned anything over the past year, it's that taking care of yourself, both mentally and physically, is the most important thing you can do when you're constantly on the road. Life is entirely too short to fight battles that you can't win. Part of being an adult is realizing that if you always go toe-to-toe in arguements, never allowing yourself to 'not be right,' the only person who ends up looking foolish is you. All you can really do is keep making yourself a success and in the longrun that's the greatest knockout punch you can dole out to your detractors.

Oh yeah, that reminds me: I'm teaching a course at the local San Antonio community college this summer.... 'Crackerjack Psychology 101'



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