Monday, July 16, 2007

15mm on a month-long vacation??? How could this happen!

Well, in addition to trapsing through Zurich, London, Memphis, Sonoma and Berlin, this last month was spent on the move (literally), from one location in San Antonio to another, larger, home. Thanks to a seriously slow transfer re-connection from Time Warner Cable, i've been sitting around 3300 square feet without as much as an email.

Sure, the first week of web solitude was nice, but suddenly my eye began to twitch knowing how many waiting emails would be in my Outlook inbox. I knew it was trouble just waiting to happen. Having just downloaded the full brunt of it, i can proudly say that i've now got 2,562 legitimate emails to reply to... That's in addition to the 5,000 other emails letting me know how insanely amazing Cialis can be.

I'll pass on the pill, but get cracking on the email. If you're waiting for a response, I'm pretty sure I'll get to everything in the coming few days. Your patience is most appreciated.

Just to let ya know that i'm alive and well (with hair that's quickly achieving matinee idol status), here are a couple of snapshots from earlier today taken with the snazzy new
BlackBerry Curve:

Yeah, so my hair is getting longer (a first for me) and actually having to 'style' it is a real bitch. I'm also realizing that I can't wash it two or three times a day like i used to.

Sidenote: Don't judge me for my Howard Hugh-sian behavior. At least i haven't gotten to the point of wearing Kleenex boxes on my feet and saving my urine in milk bottles.

I've added Twitter to this blog, making it easier for me to keep track of you guys and to let my readers know what's happening in my life at any given moment. Look for the realtime ticker at the bottom of the blog, updated regularly with anything interesting (or lack thereof) in the realm of BN.

I'll be getting back on-track here at 15mm in the next few days, but until then, if there's anything I can do to make your life more comfortable, don't hesitate to email.

Adios buckaroos,


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