Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A pic for all of the eye-fetishists out there

Yep. I'm still alive... Contrary to the hundreds of emails asking me where I'm being held hostage and if I'm enjoying the hourly paddle & ball-gag beatings.
Here's the latest snapshot (sans clothing. It's summertime dammit):


I'll be spending some time in Key West in the next week, assuredly inspiring some blog prose, new pictures for the Google Gallery and ensuring that all-important shirtless in flip-flops time that I need on a weekly basis. I apologize to my readers, but thank you for your patience in staying tuned. The one thing I've learned in the past year is that good writing comes from good material. I've been a bum lately. Tough to wax poetic when you're soaking up sun, rubbing on oil and wondering why my hair looks like I combed it with an egg beater.

I also got more than a few emails about TWITTER being all wacky, so for the time being, if you want to keep up my my not-ready-for-primetime pursuits, bookmark this direct link to my twitter homepage...


I a
lso updated some snaps on my Google Gallery. Click the link, check it out and admire the abdominals that haven't seen rocky road ice cream in far too long. LOL.

Talk to you guys soon. Until then, stay as naked as possible
... I'm sure I will.



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