Thursday, September 18, 2008

... And as a little update on my own current 'look,' I've gone back to shorter hair for the remainder of the summer. Put a little blond into it and now plan on looking like Annie Lennox until the end of the year. Here's a sneaky-peeky to get the party going:

In addition to the new crop-top, I'm still TWITTERING my ass off and have now started a PHOTOBLOG that you can check out this very second. It's alive, being updated several times daily and should give you some sense that my life is not only out of control, but I should likely be sedated for my own good.

... And, perhaps, yours. *wink*

Feel free to leave comments on the new photoblog as well. It's moderated, but open to suggestion.

Look for a new full edition of 15mm in the next week. Some highlights from the past month include time in Key West & Orlando, a national tour of The Color Purple, the ongoing sexual prowess of the Clinton Library in Little Ro
ck (and me asking if they sold a replica of the infamous blue Gap dress in their gift shop), along with a whole slew of other crap that passes my time between airport delays.

I also have some INSANELY HOT GOSSIP from the escort/adult world that I've been itching to share. I'm constantly amazed at how the word 'hot mess' embodies so many gay men at once...

Until then, be swell fair readers,


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