Sunday, July 05, 2009

YIKES! So much hoopla over so little to dish. That ain't nothing folks... Fraud runs deep in a fringe industry and as long as it's continuing to hurt those who don't deserve it, there's always more to be done.

Let me be perfectly clear: The bad things I've done in the past, I've apologized for very publicly. I was caught by a brilliantly written expose, I fessed up, I made good with the folks I hurt and I've moved on (as have they). If after all of this time you still can't see that clearly, it's obvious you're holding a grudge, don't know or have never met me and likely won't have that opportunity. It's time to build a bridge... And get over it.

What I know I'm not is a druggie, a dealer, a liar, a thief, unsafe, unhealthy or unwilling. I've stood by, quietly, watching several people get taken advantage of, hurt, sick and abused, all while thinking their 'special someone' has their best interests at heart. Often times, these infractions are quickly swept under the carpet thanks to a pretty face, big muscles or schoolhouse politics... All at the expense of the next guy who's willing to endure the con. If you can't agree that it's broken logic to let this behavior continue, then you're nothing more than a facilitator for this kind of sad, deluded cycle. In an industry that can be incredibly cozy, it's up to us to self-regulate and practice what we preach.

You can choose to believe me or resist as always, but rest assured you'll continue to sneak back to 15mm for updates, knowing full well that the logic is sound and my head remains locked squarely on my shoulders. In the past, I've been chastised for bringing to light escorts who continue to work while keeping their HIV+ status under wraps, only to be proven right when reviews are submitted saying the escort admitted to being sick and working bareback. I've gotten communication from friends of mine who say they've been ripped off by drugged-out escorts looking for a quick buck (and quick fix). It's one thing when you get a singular email from a person with a story about a bad guy, but quite another when you get four all telling you the same story.

That's correlation... And that's cause enough to post a buyer beware.

So, I'll continue to be 'the bad guy' for saving some of you a great deal of trouble and perhaps your future health and well-being. If you can't handle that, you're free to read elsewhere and find someone else to obsess over, as I've been in the ring for far too long to not know that you can't make everyone happy all of the time. No matter what you say- no matter how sweet the smell- someone is going to take offense.

I think I can handle that. I hope you can too.

Here's this week's EYE CANDY, posted in flash-form and easily browsed through for your viewing pleasure. Please do email and let me know if there are any coding problems in seeing this gallery. I'm trying some new things here, but would rather make life easier for you than create more tech headaches.

Look for another full-bore posting in a few days: Just getting back from a lengthy span in Las Vegas where I spent some time with my favorite maven of gossip Kathy Griffin. Great series of shows at Mandalay Bay Hotel and lots to wrap-up on 15mm. Heading to London, Paris and Amsterdam this coming week and then taking it easy for the rest of the month (ie, no international travel). Always feel free to keep up with my moment-to-moment whereabouts by visiting these world wide web links:





I need a friggin' secretary to keep up with where I am online now. Ridiculous.


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